Streaming Wars

With the announcement that Marvel (and Disney) have pulled Luke Cage from Netflix one has to ask, what are they thinking? Iron Fist was canceled because it was pretty bad. Luke Cage on the other hand was well received by fans and critics. What could Disney’s motivation be for doing this?


It’s not because they are broke or having problems by any means. No. They want to join the streaming wars. There has been rumors floating around that Disney is making its own streaming app. The biggest scare came out last year when Disney dropped its app that had every Disney movie, to buy. But that was quickly abandoned by fans because Netflix still carries most movies.

But Disney and DC Comics are hoping to change that. They are just the latest in a long line trying to make a streaming service. Netflix continues to make a profit and this hasn’t gone unnoticed. Other media companies are considering what DC and Disney are trying.

This is all going to fail. For a while before Netflix and Hulu people would pirate all the shows they wanted. Then things started getting carried by the two streamers. For a while piracy rates went down. But not for long. With the rise of “premium content” that you have to pay for fans are going to find other ways to watch the content. Illegally.

Disney and DC need to rethink their ideas before it’s too late.


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