The Soviet Avengers

Black Widow 2020 Part Two

In my last post I talked about the Red Guardian and his ties to the Black Widow and the movie coming out next year. In this post I’m going to talk about his team, the Winter Guard.

The Winter Guard was Soviet Russia’s answer to the Avengers. The team has had a rotating roaster since it’s creation that has mostly been a force for good. The team has been backup and help for the Avengers and other superheroes multiple times over the years.

The team first appeared in Iron Man #9 in October 1998. The team was created by Kurt Busiek and Sean Chen. They created a team that believed in doing good and helping others unlike other soviet superhero teams like Soviet Super-Soldiers or the Supreme Soviets.

The team has a rotating roster but it’s three key players are the Red Guardian (Soviet Captain America), Crimson Dynamo (Soviet Iron Man), and Darkstar (Super Mutant). Every time one of the three heroes dies another citizen is chosen to take up the dead heroes mantle. Thus Russia is never without a hero.

The team has also had members.

Ursa Major who is a mutant who can turn into a bear (a cross between Wolverine and Hulk).

Vostok who is a robot who can control machines (like Vision).

Chernobog who is the Slavic god of chaos and night (a cross between Loki and Cloak)

Perun who is the Slavic god of thunder and lightning (like Thor).

Fantasma who is a sorceress (like Scarlet Witch).

Powersurge who is a nuclear fueled giant (like Hulk).

And Sibercat who is a catlike mutant (like Cheetah from DC comics).

Hopefully we will see the three mainstays of the Winter Guard in Black Widow next year. Maybe if we are lucky we can see more Russian heroes.


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From Soviet Russia with Love

Black Widow 2020

Even with my overall disappointment in the MCU news from Comic Con 2019 we did learn some interesting details about the new Black Widow movie.

First we learned that the time frame will not be in the late 90s as previously thought but probably take place between Captain America Civil War and Avengers Infinity War.

We also learned that David Harbour (Stranger Things and Hellboy 2019) will be not only in this movie but will be playing Alexei Shostakov aka the Red Guardian. This casting is definitely exciting news.

But Ry, who is the Red Guardian?

Glad you asked. The Red Guardian was the USSRs answer to Captain America. He worked as an agent and test pilot for the KGB. While training to be a spy he was inducted into Russia’s Super Solider Program to take up the mantle of the Red Guardian. He would become Russia’s second Guardian and one of the best well known.

The KGB faked his death to keep his identity hidden from everyone, including his wife Natasha Romanova aka the Black Widow. After his “death” he was trained in a very similar way to Captain America. Going so far as to also have a metallic throwing disk on his belt which could return to him. Even after Black Widow defected to the US and SHIELD the Red Guardian stayed loyal to the USSR and Russia. Only after several battle with the Guardian and the Winter Guard (I’ll come back to them) did the Black Widow realize her husband was still alive.

The Guardian goes into hiding after another “death” and becomes a high ranking member of the Bulgarian mafia. Black Widow with help from the Avengers stops and arrests Red Guardian sending him to jail.

Stay tuned in part two for the history of the Russian Avengers, The Winter Guard!


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The Death of Comic Book Movies

I’m just going to say it. As a Marvel fanboy this pains me but the truth needs to be said.

The MCU Phase 4 looks stupid.

I don’t care about boring Disney+ shows on how Wanda and Vision could have lived. Nor do I care about Falcon and Bucky telling War stories about Cap. I certainly don’t care about the wicked witch joining the MCU. And most of all I don’t care about who loves who in a comic book movie. We don’t need another boring “Martha” scene or campy phoned in love story like most of the MCU. Just leave that to the romcoms.

I don’t really understand or care where any of this is going. There is t a big bad. The X-men and Fantastic Four aren’t being introduced and the best part looks to be a Blade reboot. Everything else looks unimpressive or just plain dumb (looking at you “Love and Thunder”).

We don’t need a horror superhero movie. No one would have liked New Mutants anyway. So why make Doctor Strange 2 horror?

Give us the X-men, the FF, Sinister 6, Asguardians of the Galaxy! Give us something good. Not pandering and useless throwback movies like Black Widow. Give us the Inhumans like we were promised and not that terrible show. Give us Venom vs Spider-Man! Give us something the comics again. Not senseless pandering.


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Nintendo pushing Forward

E3 2019 Part 2

Let’s continue our E3 coverage with Nintendo

Breath of the Wild 2: Nintendo is capitalizing on their hit Breath of the Wild by making a sequel. The Legend of Zelda series will have a new game soon with no apparent release date.

Super Smash Bros: Continuing the Nintendo news, is the added characters of Duck Hunt and Banjo-Kazooie coming to Smash Fall 2019.

Luigi’s Mansion 3: Nintendo has dropped a lot this year at E3 including a new Luigi’s mansion. It looks promising and will drop for the Switch later in 2019.

Just Dance 2020: Just Dance 2020 is back to no surprise. This series has been going on for a while and will be available on all consoles, including the Nintendo Wii (talk about flashbacks), November 5, 2019.

Our last article will focus on my favorite parts of E3 2019! Stay tuned!


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The Future is Here

E3 2019 Part 1

Where do I even begin? There is so much to cover already having come out of E3. It ranges from new characters in Super Smash, to the Wii, to Halo and Avengers. Not to mention Keanu. I’m going to break down all the important bits over the next few articles without fangirling too much.

Halo Infinite: We have known this has been coming for a while. The Chief is back and ready for action starting Holidays 2020.

Doom Eternal: Go figure the space alien shooting franchise isn’t over. The first real trailer was dropped this past weekend. The game is dropping this year just in time for the holidays with a November 22, 2019 release date.

Fallout 76: Continuing Bethesda’s news we found out they will be adding npcs to 76. So I guess the five people who still play can finally have someone to talk to. There will also be a battle royale mode that no one asked for.

Gears of War 5: While no trailer was dropped we do know you can play as the Terminator and it has a new “survival” mode. We can expect to play Gears 5 after it releases September 10, 2019.

Watch Dogs Legion: Watch Dogs 3 is coming with a story about what could happen to London post Brexit. The dystopian hacker saga continues March 6, 2020.

GhostWire Tokyo: While I know nothing about the game or the series watching Tokyo’s creative director, Ikumi Nakamura, was definitely a highlight of E3. GhostWire currently has no release date.

Our second article of E3 will cover what Nintendo has planned for the coming years!


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The Cold Truth

Frozen 2

So another trailer dropped and I’m gonna say I’m a little disappointed. Because this isn’t telling us anything at all! Sure there’s plenty of theories but there no idea of plot other than we’re exploring things in different places. Also Elsas powers are great (which like we knew. She created life.) I’m kinda surprised so many people are excited about the story from this specific trailer. Don’t get me wrong I’m so going to this movie but I don’t think the trailer tells me anything to get excited about the story. I’m sure it’ll be a pretty movie to look at from the trailer but that’s all I’ve learned today. Little disappointed


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Monopoly for the Mouse

The Mouse Problem

For a while now we have known Disney has been on a mad dash to buy up as many ips and rights to things as it can. They already took over Fox and all its subsidiaries. Back when Disney bought Fox it was reported that Disney would also buy up Fox’s share of Hulu. This was already going to give Disney a large stake in the streaming service.

Apparently that wasn’t enough.

The great Mouse has now fully bought out the other share holders like Comcast for complete control of Hulu. This means one thing.

Disney wants to destroy Netflix.

It’s pretty clear what the agenda at Disney HQ is. Disney aggressively wants to be part of the streaming war and will do whatever it takes to win. When Disney started dropping hints at its own streaming service late last year no one was really surprised. It seems like the perfect market for Disney to drop all its old shows and movies. Then earlier this year Disney did the unthinkable. They undercut the streaming price of Netflix by several dollars. For just $70 a year or $7 a month one can get crazy amounts of Disney shows and movies all at home. Not to mention the announcement of new Disney programs for only Disney+.

Now that Disney owns all of Hulu one of two things could happen.

First Disney could dissolve Hulu completely. In a lot of ways that would drive those Hulu customers into the open arms of the great mouse. With so many programs ranging from children’s shows to Star Wars it seems like a solid move. Disney would have one less competitor and boost its viewers.

The second option for Disney and Hulu is far more sinister. Disney could keep Hulu and use it to keep a strangle hold on the other studios. Currently a fair number of companies put their shows and programs on Hulu. Channels like NBC, Comedy Central, and others. Disney can effectively charge whatever they want to stream on Hulu, holding many companies hostage because unless they want to try to start their own like DC or CBS they are left with very few options.

Disney’s monopoly is growing quite dangerously and we should all take note.


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Phase 4 and Beyond: A Mini Series (Disney+ Shows)

Phase 4 and Beyond: A mini series


Phase 4 continues with a slew of shows coming to Disney+ this year. Let’s look at what these shows mean for the larger MCU.


With the announcement of the Disney streaming’s service going live in November of 2019 we also have had a bunch of MCU shows that are coming to the small screen.

Loki: It appears that besides stealing the tesseract in Endgame, Loki has also managed to avoid character death, for now. Tom will reprise his role in the live action show as the god of mischief. The show is rumored to take place throughout history, so this may be the Endgame tie in we all wanted.

Lady Sif: Speaking of Asgardians, it appears the character from the Thor series no one asked about is back. Rumor has it she is getting her own show. Nothing I can find is 100% confirmed but maybe we will get to see more of New Asgard and Queen Valkyrie.

Wanda/Vision: It appears no one can stay dead in the MCU. This creepy couple will be getting their own show with a very 50s vibe (I’m not saying it’s in the 50s). It would make sense this is after Civil War and before Infinity War but other than that we don’t know a whole lot other than it should drop when Disney+ does. I’m still convinced this is just a grown up version of Wanda and Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents.

Falcon and Winter Solider: It seems Captain America’s sidekicks will be teaming up and making their own show. This show seems to be after Endgame since it’s the only time they are both alive or not frozen. Maybe we could see Bucky teaching Falcon to be the new Captain America. My hopes are high for this show.

“What If” series:

Just like the comics it appears that Disney+ will be doing a live action “what if” series. The first story they are telling is what if Peggy Carter was Captain America. This series looks to be set in the past and won’t affect the main continuity of the MCU. But it is a fun idea I’m excited for.

This has been the new shows coming out over the next few years. Stay tuned for Part 3 of our Phase 4 and Beyond mini series!


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Phase 4 and Beyond: A Mini Series (All the future movies)

Phase 4 and Beyond: A mini series


The MCU is far from slowing down, even without its fearless leaders from phases 1-3. With the fallout of Endgame, the future is what’s up in the air. So let’s take a look at what we know and what could be.

Phase 3 Ending:

Even though many of us assumed Phase 3 would end with Endgame, we were all wrong. According to the boss himself, Kevin Feige, Spider-Man Far From Home is the final movie. With Tony Starks death, we know Peter doesn’t have a mentor anymore. It appears Nick Fury will fill those shoes. Maybe with the help of Peter, Fury will issue in a new SHIELD. Details are sketchy so far, so I guess we will have to wait till July.

Phase 4:

Black Widow:

Even though she sacrificed herself in Endgame, we already know a solo movie for her is in the works. The rumor is Taskmaster will be the main villain. Personally I’m hoping this takes place between Infinity War and Endgame but there are no official reports as of yet.

Doctor Strange:

A sequel for the title character was rumored and subsequently confirmed a while back. The first Doctor Strange movie left us on a bit of a cliff hanger. It seems Mordo is a serial killer, who only kills magicians, and is still on the loose. Strange and Wong also appear to be the only two characters left who would rather use reason and logic before punching people, the only adults in the room, so we will see how it plays out.

Black Panther:

We last see the Panther clan happy and all together after Endgame in a new and thriving Wakanda. There isn’t much on the sequel other than we know it’s happening.

Guardians of the Galaxy:

This movie thankfully has its original director back and Disney has calmed down about James Gunn. Sadly we know this movie won’t be ready till after Suicide Squad 2, so like 2021-2022. Also our rogue group of heroes have changed since we saw them last. At the end of Endgame Thor, the fat god of washed up frat boys, has joined the team. We have much of the original Guardians with a few exceptions. The Gamora we know is dead. The current one we have was plucked out of the past and has zero, absolutely no feelings for Starlord. Endgame makes that very clear. Nebula is also somehow still alive, even though she shot her past self, so there may be repercussions for that. Otherwise the rest of the team was as it was before Infinity War.

The Eternals:

All we know currently is that Angelina Jolie wants to torment the MCU with her presence. Not a lot is know about this movie, but with the MCU taking on a more cosmic side, we definitely know these characters fit.

Captain Marvel:

With only the box office intake to base anything off of, a sequel wouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Since Captain Marvel makes a like 10 minute appearance in Endgame, she can literally be saving the universe anywhere else.

This has been the main movies coming out over the next few years. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Phase 4 and Beyond mini series!


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Let’s do the Time Warp again

Spider-Man Far From Home

Apparently Marvel is here to make me go crazy. I had all my articles written and then they drop a new Spider-Man 2 trailer I wasn’t expecting.

So here we go.

I’m going to ignore all the new things for the movie itself. I’m going to ignore Fury and Peter and Happy and Mysterio. It can all wait. The most important part of the entire trailer is Fury saying a multiverse exists.

Endgame ruined time and space.

Great job Avengers, you screwed it up again.

But this multiverse isn’t a bad thing. It opens the MCU up to a whole bunch of new options.

Since the first rumors of Fox selling out to Disney leaked a few years back, fans have been demanding the Fantastic Four and the X-men join the MCU. In many ways it seemed improbable until Fox gave up on life. With that merger came the rights to the above mentioned characters. But once again the biggest problem was that the MCU has no excuse or reason or way to include the new heroes.

Until now.

With this simple plot device the X-men and Fantastic Four can now easily join the MCU.

And now finally the smartest Marvel character can join the MCU. All hail Reed Richards.


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