Monopoly for the Mouse

The Mouse Problem

For a while now we have known Disney has been on a mad dash to buy up as many ips and rights to things as it can. They already took over Fox and all its subsidiaries. Back when Disney bought Fox it was reported that Disney would also buy up Fox’s share of Hulu. This was already going to give Disney a large stake in the streaming service.

Apparently that wasn’t enough.

The great Mouse has now fully bought out the other share holders like Comcast for complete control of Hulu. This means one thing.

Disney wants to destroy Netflix.

It’s pretty clear what the agenda at Disney HQ is. Disney aggressively wants to be part of the streaming war and will do whatever it takes to win. When Disney started dropping hints at its own streaming service late last year no one was really surprised. It seems like the perfect market for Disney to drop all its old shows and movies. Then earlier this year Disney did the unthinkable. They undercut the streaming price of Netflix by several dollars. For just $70 a year or $7 a month one can get crazy amounts of Disney shows and movies all at home. Not to mention the announcement of new Disney programs for only Disney+.

Now that Disney owns all of Hulu one of two things could happen.

First Disney could dissolve Hulu completely. In a lot of ways that would drive those Hulu customers into the open arms of the great mouse. With so many programs ranging from children’s shows to Star Wars it seems like a solid move. Disney would have one less competitor and boost its viewers.

The second option for Disney and Hulu is far more sinister. Disney could keep Hulu and use it to keep a strangle hold on the other studios. Currently a fair number of companies put their shows and programs on Hulu. Channels like NBC, Comedy Central, and others. Disney can effectively charge whatever they want to stream on Hulu, holding many companies hostage because unless they want to try to start their own like DC or CBS they are left with very few options.

Disney’s monopoly is growing quite dangerously and we should all take note.


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The OA: A Netflix hidden gem

The OA

Season 2 of Netflix’s original series The OA was released last week, and I couldn’t have been more excited. Almost a year and a half after the pilot season released, our questions finally start to get answered and the plot starts to make a little bit more sense. If you’ve never heard of The OA, don’t worry, I’ll give you a spoiler-free synopsis and overall review of this hidden binge-able gem.

The OA is centered around a young woman named Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling) who randomly comes home after being missing and presumed dead for 7 years. Queue the happy family reunion and sob fest in the hospital. But there’s a catch to this seemingly positive intro to our story. Prairie suffered from blindness beginning when she was a child. I say suffered in the past tense because when she is found after that long 7 years, she has fully regained her sight. How she lost her sight to begin with and came to have her sight again are connected by the same type of event in Prairie’s life. Unfortunately, if I tell you what actually happened, it’ll ruin the whole brain-bang that is the show.

When I first watched The OA back in early 2017, I went into it thinking it was going to be a wonderful story of a blind girl magically regaining her sight, returning home, and adapting to normal life again. What I wasn’t expecting was the mind-bending conspiracy that unfolded in each episode. The more time I spent watching it, the more brain power I used to connect all the dots and critically think my way through the plot. The one central theme that captivated me from the start was the approach to death not as the end all be all, but as a gateway to somewhere else. Season one leaves you wondering where is this “somewhere else?” Is it heaven, hell, limbo? Season 2 answers this question vaguely. The somewhere else is just a parallel universe or alternate reality where the same people exist just living a totally different life.

The OA is an intriguing concept that explores the afterlife and possibility for infinite universes within a vast multiverse. This show is the perfect blend of drama and science fiction that will leave you with a major existential crisis. Are there alternate realities or parallel universes that we can’t access until death? Do you need a series of gestures and movements done by 5 people to retain the memories of your previous life? If you want a real thinker of a show, The OA is the series for you. Try not to lose your mind in the process.


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Umbrella Academy a refreshing superhero team

Umbrella Academy

Stand aside X-men, a new team of super humans is on the scene. The Umbrella Academy is here and definitely making a name for themselves.

I just finished a 24 hour binge sesh of Umbrella Academy on Netflix. I loved it! I’m going to come out and say it. I thought it was one of the best shows I’ve watched in several years. Not to mention it’s everything I’ve always wanted in an X-men series but better.

As someone who never read the comics I went into this blind and I was happily rewarded. The plot follows seven siblings who have extraordinary powers. Well okay six super powered siblings and one regular sibling to make us all feel better about not having powers. It’s been years since the team worked together. Their surrogate dad is dead and almost everyone shows up for his funeral. No surprise, chaos ensues.

This show blew my mind. I loved it. The last time I binged a show this fast I was in high school. I can’t believe a comic book so wonderfully written has escaped me until now.

Ellen Page stars as one of the children, the normal one if I’m honest. Usually I’m not a fan of her acting. But I must admit I think this is the perfect roll for her. The character is detached, emotionally unavailable, and very ordinary. Just like her. The other main casting is phenomenal too. I can’t say how much I enjoyed this show enough.

Take some time out. Watch Umbrella Academy. You won’t regret it.


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Things can only get worse

A Series of Unfortunate Events

So it’s been about a month since the end of Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. I know that I really love writing about nostalgic things the media has brought back from my childhood and saying great things about them- so this won’t be any different. The drama (which is funny and light enough for kids too) is awesome and Neil Patrick Harris is a total gem as Count Olaf. I actually kinda like the horrible kidnapping arsonist now. And he is far superior to the Jim Carey Olaf (which let’s pretend never happened)

What made me the most happy, and what all remakes should taken note of is just how much people love the remakes when you follow the same story. The show brings all the elements of the books that people love (breaking the third wall, lots of sarcasm) and puts them on the screen. That, truly, is a delightful treat in a world where the name of the movie game is to make money and not to tell the story as written. If you’re thinking about a remake, absolutely take notes from this Very Fascinating Drama. Beatrice would love it.


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Talking with a Serial Killer

Ted Bundy Tapes

Don’t watch alone Netflix tells you….and that may be a good choice. Especially if you’re a 18-25 year old woman and you’re not prepared to question if everyone you know might possibly be a serial killer.

Having hit the 30th anniversary of the death of Bundy Netflix has turned the tapes used by Bundy to confess his murders of anywhere from 30-100 woman across America ranging from Washington to Florida.

I will say I am a huge lover of the true crime documentary and the good old cop and forensic drama but I do not do gore. If that is a concern of yours than you’re totally safe with these tapes. What you will find however is a major creep factor which is rooted in how unsettlingly normal Bundy was most of his life. It won’t have the shock and awe factor of body parts and blood but it will make you question what it would be like to be friends with, dating, or even the child of a serial killer who’s masquerading as a totally normal person. It is a great documentary and my only complaint is that there isn’t more.

Netflix should realize the market for these serial killer and crime documentaries and keep cranking them out.


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A Twist on Normal Streaming

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Back in December, the popular Netflix anthology series Black Mirror added another strange tale to their ranks. Bandersnatch is a standalone film that brings choose-your-own adventures to a whole new level. The story surrounds a young videogame designer, Stefan, in the 1980s who is attempting to adapt his favorite choose-your-own-adventure novel into a visual medium. It’s a psychological thriller that causes just as much chaos for the viewer as the protagonist.

In the beginning, you make a series of seemingly insignificant decisions to get the feel for how the film lays out the plot. Without providing any serious spoilers, there are many different ways to make a poor or detrimental choice that takes you to a less-than-ideal ending. But it’s what the film’s algorithm does that’s the best part. When you get that early ending, it takes you back to the scene before the “bad” choice, and let’s you choose the other option as a way of correcting the mistake and allowing you to see the rest of the story and every possible ending.

It wouldn’t be a classic episode of Black Mirror without several secrets and plot twists that leave you scratching your head wondering, “What the *bleep* just happened?!?” Why would the Bandersnatch creators make the viewer choose the story if there wasn’t any real interaction between the audience and the characters? That’s right. You guessed it. A fourth wall break. Stefan, the guy you control the decisions of, figures out he’s being manipulated by an outside force to make these decisions. So to be a smart alec, it’s a choose-your-own-adventure novel within a choose-your-own-adventure game within a choose-your-own-adventure film. Does that mean our very human existence is a choose-your-own-adventure universe? Mind blown.

Unfortunately, a project as well-received as this doesn’t come without backlash. According to an article from, the publisher of the Choose Your Own Adventure book series, Chooseco, is suing Netflix for trademark infringement at the amount of at least $25 million. Their main reasoning is since Bandersnatch is so dark and geared toward adults, it will ruin Chooseco’s reputation for publishing family-friendly entertainment. Netflix is such a large entity in the industry, the chances of them losing this battle are very slim. Chooseco can try though.

Netflix has been on fire with their Originals lately. From Stranger Things to Tidying Up with Marie Kondo to Orange is the New Black to The Seven Deadly Sins, there are nearly limitless options available on this legendary streaming platform. The next time you’re scrolling through your watch list, just pick a Netflix Original. The worst that could happen is that you’ll hate it and have to pick another one. Eventually, you’ll end up sucked into an intense show you just can’t stop binging…like Black Mirror.

Well, you know where I’ll be.


The Death of Daredevil?

Why haven’t I talked about Daredevil getting canceled?

I knew it was coming.

No I didn’t have secret information or anything. I certainly don’t have those connections. In late October Disney also canceled Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Currently Disney is just living out contracts. It’s nothing that we haven’t seen before. Disney has a contract with Netflix for X amount of Marvel shows. As we get closer to Disney Plus launching, more Disney stuff will disappear from Netflix and other streaming services.

In short Disney is closing ranks. They are fulfilling their obligations and none to quietly gearing up to join the streaming wars.

Am I sad Daredevil has been postponed. Yeah. But I believe all these shows are coming back in some form to Disney Plus. They have already announced a Loki live action show and several Star Wars shows. To reunite the Defenders under the Disney/Marvel banner is no surprise. Maybe we will finally get the MCU/Marvel Netflix crossover we all want.

Only time will tell.

I’ll see you geeks and nerds later!


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Netflix: The Next Frontier

Who remembers Paramount Pictures? You should. They are the studio that released “A Quiet Place”. They haven’t gone out of business yet. They are in the news again why? They made a deal with Netflix.

What deal did Netflix and Paramount make?

The duo has signed on to let Netflix create shows and movies using such properties as Transformers, Star Trek, Cloverfield and others. It’s no surprise Paramount would do this taking into consideration they were the ones behind 13 Reasons Why, Maniac, and the new live action Last Airbender Series (check out Incensum’s article on that

This is a huge deal. Why? Simply put Paramount is the sixth biggest studio in the US. Everyone is trying to get into the streaming game. With the looming release of Disney+ (RytheGeek’s article on that Paramount is trying not to be left behind.

I want to give credit to Paramount for using Netflix. I’m very upset that DC and Disney have decided to create their own platforms instead of using current services.

Even if the new shows that Netflix and Paramount have are not amazing at least they are trying. For that I am grateful.

Let’s all settle in as the streaming wars kick off.

I’ll see you geeks and nerds later!


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Ry starts a War

RytheGeek has started a blog. It’s about all of life through a geek’s Eyes. Be sure to check it out. Here is his most recent post.


Entry 004

Stardate 96458.13

I’m starting a new crusade.

No I’m not taking back a holy land or murdering thousands of innocent people. But it is a religious war of sorts.

I want to stop subscription services from ripping us off!


It seems really obvious to me. Each subscription service charges around $10 a month for media. Initially that doesn’t seem like a lot. But it adds up pretty quickly. I have three services currently. I pay for Netflix, Spotify, and Rooster Teeth First (technically I get Hulu for free since my girlfriend has Sprint [not an ad]). All together that’s around $325 per year.

Rooster Teeth is by far the best deal. I pay $35 a year for their services. Rooster Teeth is a YouTube and video company that makes content for people of all demographics. They have multiple channels that produce daily content. I spend less then $3 a month to watch all that content! Do you realize how nice that is?

Netflix alone costs around $11 per month. But I’ll give them credit for how much content (like Marvel’s Defenders) they produce. They make enough binge worthy shows to keep me satisfied.

What you’re hearing is that I’m happy with my current subscriptions? In a word? Yes.

But there is a storm rising.

DC comics has already created a service that is its own subscription service called “DC Universe” (1). Disney has reported that they are not far behind and it should be up and running late 2019 (2). Those are just the biggest giants that irritate me. There are probably others who want to follow in the steps of Netflix and Hulu.

Well stop.

People are not going to pay for these services. I see no reason to give $10 to subscriptions that should be on Netflix. Disney already has a deal with Netflix and it has worked out fine for the viewers.

In 2018 Netflix had a 11% spike in traffic (3). They made millions and continue to make a profit. I understand the desire of Disney and DC to tap into this money machine but it’s going to work. Netflix succeeded because of how few streaming services exist. I can go watch How to make a Murder right after I watch Beauty and the Beast. If I have a straight DC or Disney platform I’m going to miss out on lots of content. Keeping one or two subscriptions is easy. But this isn’t magazine sales, this is digital media.

I’ve been writing this for a week and Disney finally announced Disney+ in that time. Even with the confirmation of two Star Wars live action shows (which definitely shouldn’t happen) and the announcement of a live action Loki show, I’m far from sold.

Everything Disney is trying to do with Disney+ seems like it should be on Netflix. They have had six different live action MCU shows on Netflix (Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Defenders, Dare Devil, and Punisher). With the exception of Iron Fist, the shows were amazing.

I’m tired of the corporate cash grabs. That’s all this is. One way for Disney and DC to make an extra buck.

Please don’t continue down this path media industry.

I’ll see you geeks and nerds later!


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Streaming Wars

With the announcement that Marvel (and Disney) have pulled Luke Cage from Netflix one has to ask, what are they thinking? Iron Fist was canceled because it was pretty bad. Luke Cage on the other hand was well received by fans and critics. What could Disney’s motivation be for doing this?


It’s not because they are broke or having problems by any means. No. They want to join the streaming wars. There has been rumors floating around that Disney is making its own streaming app. The biggest scare came out last year when Disney dropped its app that had every Disney movie, to buy. But that was quickly abandoned by fans because Netflix still carries most movies.

But Disney and DC Comics are hoping to change that. They are just the latest in a long line trying to make a streaming service. Netflix continues to make a profit and this hasn’t gone unnoticed. Other media companies are considering what DC and Disney are trying.

This is all going to fail. For a while before Netflix and Hulu people would pirate all the shows they wanted. Then things started getting carried by the two streamers. For a while piracy rates went down. But not for long. With the rise of “premium content” that you have to pay for fans are going to find other ways to watch the content. Illegally.

Disney and DC need to rethink their ideas before it’s too late.


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