Wizards Go?

Wizards Unite

I said I was going to release this review on Monday but due to travels I was delayed until now. Anyway here it goes.

I’ve finally found a new app worth my time. I mean that in the best way possible. I don’t enjoy paying for apps and I really hate adds so for the most part I’m at a loss when it comes to mobile games.

I’ve been playing Pokémon Go since its release and over time I’ve just gotten really bored with it. Not to mention there aren’t gyms or pokestops near where I live. I have to drive to go find them. It’s annoying.

I digress, Wizards Unite is actually what I would argue a better mobile game than Pokémon Go. Both apps were made by Niantic and share many similarities. Both are games you have to walk to your target area and both use the same mapping software. Both expand upon a geek subculture that is rich in story and most importantly both are a lot of fun.

The great thing about Wizards is the creators have learned from the mistakes of Pokémon Go. The app doesn’t crash and has held up pretty well since it launched, there is a ton of content already in it, and there is actually a story to it. I love how they finally brought something more than a mobile land fishing game.

So join me fellow Wizards!


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Nintendo pushing Forward

E3 2019 Part 2

Let’s continue our E3 coverage with Nintendo

Breath of the Wild 2: Nintendo is capitalizing on their hit Breath of the Wild by making a sequel. The Legend of Zelda series will have a new game soon with no apparent release date.

Super Smash Bros: Continuing the Nintendo news, is the added characters of Duck Hunt and Banjo-Kazooie coming to Smash Fall 2019.

Luigi’s Mansion 3: Nintendo has dropped a lot this year at E3 including a new Luigi’s mansion. It looks promising and will drop for the Switch later in 2019.

Just Dance 2020: Just Dance 2020 is back to no surprise. This series has been going on for a while and will be available on all consoles, including the Nintendo Wii (talk about flashbacks), November 5, 2019.

Our last article will focus on my favorite parts of E3 2019! Stay tuned!


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The Future is Here

E3 2019 Part 1

Where do I even begin? There is so much to cover already having come out of E3. It ranges from new characters in Super Smash, to the Wii, to Halo and Avengers. Not to mention Keanu. I’m going to break down all the important bits over the next few articles without fangirling too much.

Halo Infinite: We have known this has been coming for a while. The Chief is back and ready for action starting Holidays 2020.

Doom Eternal: Go figure the space alien shooting franchise isn’t over. The first real trailer was dropped this past weekend. The game is dropping this year just in time for the holidays with a November 22, 2019 release date.

Fallout 76: Continuing Bethesda’s news we found out they will be adding npcs to 76. So I guess the five people who still play can finally have someone to talk to. There will also be a battle royale mode that no one asked for.

Gears of War 5: While no trailer was dropped we do know you can play as the Terminator and it has a new “survival” mode. We can expect to play Gears 5 after it releases September 10, 2019.

Watch Dogs Legion: Watch Dogs 3 is coming with a story about what could happen to London post Brexit. The dystopian hacker saga continues March 6, 2020.

GhostWire Tokyo: While I know nothing about the game or the series watching Tokyo’s creative director, Ikumi Nakamura, was definitely a highlight of E3. GhostWire currently has no release date.

Our second article of E3 will cover what Nintendo has planned for the coming years!


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Girlfriend Game Guide Episode 10- God of War

God of War

Holy moly If nothing else this is the most beautiful game I’ve ever seen. Like even on my small little tv I’m seeing skin pores and bumps where scars are and individual hairs. But that truly has nothing on how awesome this game is. Taking a slight turn from the world of Greek/Roman gods this story is of Kratos taking on Norse mythology. That delineation is the hardest part for me as most of what I know about Norse gods I learned from a crush on Chris Hemsworth. The story is a little confusing because it’s not a fable I’m familiar with (as with Greek gods I could fill in the pieces from what I know from the past). If nothing else it’s a beautiful game to watch even if you have to ask Ry eight times who this ram horned head is supposed to be.

Additionally I wonder how many likes/shares/retweets and so on do we need to encourage the game developers to make an Egyptian version of this game because I’d eat that up.

Rating: eight out of eight Norse realms.


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Girlfriend Game Guide Episode 9- Titanfall II

Titanfall II 

There are many things in this world I do not understand. This game is certainly one of them. I have way more questions than answers. What is happening? Who are these people? Is all you do run and shoot people? If you’re not in the robot how is running on walls the ONLY COOL POWER YOU HAVE? But truly what I say most with this game is “you know honey it’s a lot easier to kill them if you actually shoot them”. So ry isn’t great at it (to be fair I will add a yet here because he’s a fast learner) and I don’t get it. And he tends to fall to his death more than being shot so you know there’s an issue in the game if that’s how we’re dying. I don’t see a point or truly any sort of story here but I built a love for another robot character so at least that’s a plus. This ones totally skippable. Only redeeming part is the graphics are pretty. Which shouldn’t be the only interesting thing about your game 

Rating: I can’t think of any clever pun because the games so confusing so one out of five….idk….grenades or something 

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Girlfriend Game Guide Episode 8- Lego Marvel 2

LEGO Marvel 2 

I hope Ry doesn’t care that I’m outing him for playing kids games but like this game rocks my socks. All the marvel characters are in it. I get to play as the best character in the entire universe (it’s Groot. You can @ me about your favorites but they’re wrong if they’re not groot end of the discussion. No questions). In a universe that is literally smooshed together so all the characters are in one city, you play different missions as weird groups of superheroes. Some that are in movies. Some that are on Netflix shows. Some that are teleporting puppies. Whatever. It’s a who’s who of marvel. 

I have also played this game (mainly love it because you can’t die in the LEGO universe) and it’s super fun. Sure it’s legos so like it’s not hard or a huge puzzle but it’s great mindless fun. As far as a story goes it’s not amazingly spectacular but it’s a fun game all in all. 

Rating: 3 gold bricks found hidden in the level out of 4


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Girlfriend Game Guide Episode 7- Injustice 2

Injustice 2

I even bought Ry this game…And I’m so lost. I have no idea what it is with this boy and alternate realities in the DC universe but here’s another fighting game. It takes place in such an alternate universe it’s been like a couple days since I’ve watched him play it and I don’t even remember the story. 

I will admit I don’t hate this game however (even though I tend to review on story). I actually have played this one instead of just watching and there’s something pretty fun with just smashing the snot out of a NPC. Like literally that’s the ENTIRE POINT of the game. It has also made me like really love Harley Quinn and it annoys the bf how well I have mastered the impersonation but you know that’s a whole other look into my life we don’t need to worry about right now. 

Rating: three out of four Harley Quinn’s. But like the good Harley Quinn. Not that Daddy’s Little Monster Suicide Squad stuff every white girl wanted to be for Halloween two years ago. 


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Girlfriend Game Guide Episode 6- Spider-Man PS4


I waited a bit for reviewing this one solely because with ry around you get a lot of spider related things shoved down your throat sometimes. But I will say this has everything I look for in a game. Which isn’t saying much. It has a cool story line that I can follow. It’s not too much repetitive fighting but every battle feels just different enough. But truly the best part of the game is the amazing characters! I love me a good sidekick. Sometimes they’re way better than the hero (like we all know Ron is cooler than Harry. Don’t @ me to fight the truth). In this world you can play as a super millennial Mary Jane who honestly figures out more of the mystery than Pete and as a fresh out of the box Miles. They and others really make this game something special and builds an empathy for the story that not all video games I’m stuck watching does. 

I will also say that this is the only game Ry has completed. Which says a lot about his dedication. And it never felt old. 

Rating: three out of three J’s in that angry (and a little too topical) reporters name 


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Girlfriend Game Guide Episode 5- Papers Please

Papers Please

Today we’re changing it up a little bit with a PC gem. Ry actually started playing this because I had a friend who really enjoyed it. And I will just come right out and say that Ry absolutely did not. You play as border control in a fictitious yet highly USSR inspired country that opened its borders for the first time ever. There are so many rules and protocol and sides you can end up on that in playing it you always have to be on your toes. Which stresses some players out (cough cough ry). I think it’s awesome because it’s like a choose your own adventure. Who will you side with? What will you do? The choices are yours if you don’t get too freaked out and quit playing 

Like this post and we’ll make Ry do a let’s play which will have many more jumps than necessary. 

Rating: Three out of four. Glory to Arstotzka. 


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Girlfriend Game Guide Episode 4- Fallout 4

Fallout 4

This was really like the first game ry got into on his PlayStation and I just wish he’d listen to me more when I say he should help the settlements that are in danger rather that play Post Apocalyptic Sims by spending all his time building up his home in sanctuary hills. I enjoy watching this game because I love every stupid side quest and random encounter but this doofus wants to like stick to the main storyline or something. 

What is great about this game for me however is the balance. The world seems big and there is plenty to do but not so massive like the world of Red Dead in which I’m lost and I can’t remember who any of these people are that are asking you to do stuff for them. It’s spot on with how many characters and worlds you can manage and spaces their introductions out appropriately that it’s easy to keep track of it. Sure all your levels and missions are very much the same but it’s done just different enough that it feels fresh watching it over and over again. 

And another confession. This game was purchased for us after the release of Fallout 76. With all the reported bugs and lackluster reviews we decided to stick with an oldie but it really is a goodie. And here’s my advice. Splurge and get the Game of the Year Edition. Even more world to explore and fascinating stories for your respective girlfriends to watch. 

Rating: 9 out of 10 Nuka Cherry Colas 


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