I know the truth Marvel!

I have a few points of interest before I begin.

First is Potential Spoilers? This may spoil most MCU movies and future projects. You have been warned.

Second the MCU changes origin stories. Thanos, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Hawkeye, Thor, Vision, Starlord, M’baku and others all had altered origins from the comics.

Third Marvel misdirects a lot. I mean a lot. So all of this could be wrong. It’s just a theory.

I didn’t think much of the Captain Marvel trailer till “From Superheroes” explained it.

Captain Marvel is a Skrull.

Yep. She is one of the “bad guys”. What’s the proof? Her blood. Even on earth her blood is green. Wayyy before she gets brainwashed in space. You see several shots of younger Carol laying on the ground bleeding green blood. Long story short Carol is a Skrull sent to earth to observe and infiltrate till the eventual invasion, just like the old lady she punches on the bus. But in some accident she ends up with the Kree and loses all memory of her Skrull life. She is helped with Kree medical which gives her the blue blood, now mixed with her Skrull blood. The combination makes for a very very powerful chick. She is the first of her kind. A true hybrid Skrull/Kree super solider or maybe simply a Super Skrull. Since one government never rescued her (Skrull) and one lied (Kree) she chooses to fight for the memories she has of earth.

In the trailer a Skrull can be heard asking her does she want to know what she truly is. It’s not Kree, or human, but Skrull.

Not enough proof for you?


Her gosh dang cat has been getting a lot of attention. No I’m not talking about it being a feminist statement or whatever Tumblr has claimed. No it’s because of the toy leaks.

Not one, but three toy companies (Hasbro, Lego, and Funko POP) have released images of Goose the cat toys. This means this cat is more than just a cute nod to the comics. The cat even made the first poster over in the far corner. It’s important. And not because she is a crazy cat lady.

These toys play right into the theory of Captain M being a Skrull. How can I claim that? If you look at the toy releases, the first being the hasbro action figures, Goose (aka her cat aka Chewie in the comics) is in cuffs and has a muzzle. Which means one of two things. Either Goose is an alien monster like in the comics, orrrr something far more sinister.

Goose the cat is Carols Skrull handler.

Just like any spy, Carol has a handler on earth as a “kid”. It’s the cat. What’s my evidence? The LEGO set. Goose is with the Skrulls and isn’t in a cage. If the Skrulls saw Goose as a threat he would be in a cage. Hasbro went to the trouble of designing a cat in cuffs with a muzzle. Skrulls are known to shapeshift. Carol is proof of that.

The plot of Captain M will follow a “spy” style story. CM is one of the Kree suicide squad. Every single character on her team is a villain in the comics. Even Jude Law. We see Ronin the Accuser (Guardians Vol. 1) with her too. The Kree/Skrull War is in full bloom. CM and her squad go on a very dangerous mission that ends with her crashing to earth. Fury meets her and the two try to put together her past. They eventually reconnect with her military past and Goose, who has been hiding in the last place she was seen. We find out CM went on an experimental mission and ended up being “fixed up” by the Kree. After Goose reports that CM has been found, the Skrulls invade earth to try to rescue her. In the end it is revealed that the Krees are not “Nobel warrior heroes”. CM goes off to try to stop both sides and Fury is left on earth, now it’s only protector, from a much bigger galaxy.

Mark my words come March.


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The Death of YouTube

PewDiePie v. T-Series

Don’t ignore this just yet. I’m not another crazy fanboy who is willing to rent out billboards to advertise for PewDiePie. I’m not particularly a fan of his. I never have been.

But what he stands for as the “King of YouTube” is extremely important.

The age of creators and subsequently YouTube as we know it is over.

Why so dramatic? Before I get into why it matter I guess I should go into who PewDiePie and T Series are.

PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber who for a very long time has had the highest subscriber count to date, around 79 million. He is known for his gameplays and strange sketches. At times even bordering into the controversial. He is a self made internet star that has only achieved such success by his own hard work. All that aside he has remained the “King of YouTube” for years.

T Series has now dethroned him. T Series is a Bollywood based company that mass produces cheesy music videos. T Series is a corporate organization that has monopolized on mediocre content.

So why does it matter?

PewDiePie was a self made success story. He didn’t start with backers or money. He started with a strange sense of humor and Minecraft. T Series is a corporation with backers and money and a total lack of respect for the average creator. It’s become less about content and more about the almighty paycheck.

For a while YouTubers thought having contracts with big companies was a good idea. And for a short time it was. But reality has set in. Names like Logan and Jake Paul have destroyed the opportunities for young stars to get sponsored. Companies like Disney used to want to partner with young creators but that’s all changed. Instead companies like Defy Media (See https://wethegeek.water.blog/2018/11/12/the-fall-of-smosh/) have completely taken over channels and turned them into commercial money factories.

But with the realization that companies can fall apart at a moments notice the young sponsored star has no place to go.

T Series is proving to corporations that they can make a profit from useless content. If enough money is poured into YouTube, a profit can be turned.

So long to the small creator and YouTube.

I’ll see you geeks and nerds later!


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Spider-Man into the Spiderverse hasn’t even come out yet and people are already saying it’s one of the best animated movies and the best Spider-Man movies of all time. Have I seen it yet? No. But if someone @sony wants to hook me up I won’t say no.

With all the hype around this movie Sony has made another announcement, Spider Woman will get her own Spiderverse movie. Initially I was hesitant because the first one isn’t even out yet.

But then I started to reconsider.

Marvel is finally doing something they haven’t done well since the 90s, making a cartoon. DC for years has destroyed Marvel in animation. Look at Batman the Animated Series, Superman, Justice League, Young Justice, Teen Titans, Batman Beyond and others I’ve forgotten.

Marvel had the 90s X-MEN and Spider-Man Series. That was about it.

I’m ready for a new, good, animated Marvel universe, the #AMU if you will. I’m excited to see what Marvel can and will do with this.

As always I’ll see you geeks and nerds later!


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Wrecking a path into our Hearts…again

The other day I watched “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” I had no expectations for it and thought it had a deep story but very funny. The story continues 6 years after the first movie. Fix-It Felix and Sergeant Calhoun are married, Vanellope and Ralph are still best friends, but now Vanellope’s game Sugar Rush is broke. So Ralph and Vanellope must travel to the Internet by a Wi-Fi router in search for the game part. Along the way, they come across a more violent racing game called Slaughter Race in which Vanellope falls in love with. Will Vanellope go back to her game or stay with Slaughter Race? Will Ralph be emotionally okay with the possibility of not seeing Vanellope every day? Well, you’ll just have to watch the movie and find out!

As a whole, I thought the movie was cute and pretty funny at parts. The princess scene that we saw in the trailers seemed out of place to me and kind of unnecessary. Warning: Because Vanellope met the princesses, that means she has to find her heart’s song which leads to her singing. However, there is a scene where Ralph and Vanellope bid on the game part and that part was one of my favorites. Overall, it was definitely a good movie. I went in with little expectations and was amused. Oh, and if by the end of the movie you were thinking they showed a scene in the trailer that wasn’t in the movie, keep watch till after the credits 😉


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The Death of Daredevil?

Why haven’t I talked about Daredevil getting canceled?

I knew it was coming.

No I didn’t have secret information or anything. I certainly don’t have those connections. In late October Disney also canceled Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Currently Disney is just living out contracts. It’s nothing that we haven’t seen before. Disney has a contract with Netflix for X amount of Marvel shows. As we get closer to Disney Plus launching, more Disney stuff will disappear from Netflix and other streaming services.

In short Disney is closing ranks. They are fulfilling their obligations and none to quietly gearing up to join the streaming wars.

Am I sad Daredevil has been postponed. Yeah. But I believe all these shows are coming back in some form to Disney Plus. They have already announced a Loki live action show and several Star Wars shows. To reunite the Defenders under the Disney/Marvel banner is no surprise. Maybe we will finally get the MCU/Marvel Netflix crossover we all want.

Only time will tell.

I’ll see you geeks and nerds later!


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Harry Potter and the Crimes of JK

Crimes of Grindelwald, as a giant crazy potter head, was quite simply lack luster. Nothing annoys me more than when a whole movie is written as a two hour long trailer for the next film. That is what I got out of this film. I appreciate what this series is trying to do. It knows that me and my peers who loved the world of Hogwarts are adults and can handle mature themes. And it does grapple with them well. How much should we hide who we are? What are things that are appropriate to do for love? These questions were done well even if it was surface level. But most of the questions should have been dealt with better. Honestly it was mainly a C+ movie but we all already know we’re going to see the next one because it’s Harry Potter. Let’s be honest.

I will say it was also a beautiful film to watch. As always the special effects only have gotten better and it truly makes the viewer believe in magic.

But from here on we spoil so stop reading if you haven’t seen it yet. The last two seconds drop a bomb that spoils all the knowledge already set up. Dumbledore has another brother. And I want to forget that this is even a part of the film. It’s pointless but it also destroys cannon that exists. Nothing can annoy me more. There is nothing lazier as a writer to just change the world you created. Because the only reason you do that is you’re too lazy to fix an actual solution within created parameters. It’s upsetting. So if that is not resolved by the next film, Harry Potter will have a lot of upset fans they’ll need to remedy.


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The monster under your bed?

I just recently watched “The Babadook”







Let me say that you should never go into a movie thinking you already know the outcome of it.

I had asked the internet if they could provide me with their favorite Halloween movies for and this was the movie that one person had put up. When I think of Halloween movies, I think of Monster movies or plots about curses or something creepy happening to the main characters. So, there was a major bit of confusion on my part when going into this movie that’s about personifying depression.


A mother and her son try to live normal lives. The mother had lost her husband to a crash when her son was born and it’s rolling to that time of the year again. One night, her son chooses a book called “The Babadook”. The book talks about the Babadook and how he enters into your life and he’ll only get stronger the more you deny he’s there. Suddenly, after reading the book, her son claims he keeps seeing the Babadook around.

Honestly, the only reason why I didn’t like the movie as much was because for the first half of the movie I was expecting monster lore, only to realize that the monster was already known to me. One of the things that I enjoyed (once I got over my confusion) was the way that they edited the music to match the mother’s thoughts: crescendoing as her thoughts become more chaotic and then suddenly crashing into silence as her reasoning puts her back into her fake normalcy. I don’t think that the movie was a really deep dive into depression but it is a good idea into how you can interpret it into a tangible monster.

I don’t think that I’ll be watching it again any time soon but I would like to rewatch it with the knowledge I have now and not the “Monster movie” idea in my head.


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