The Wick Returns

I just watched the John Wick: Chapter 3-Parabellum trailer.

To be completely honest off the bat, I am a complete sucker for these kinds of movies: the perfect assassin faced with uncountable enemies is just thrilling to watch (bonus points if the assassin is cold hearted or is callous to death) and by no means have any background in film reviews or predictions.

I love the John Wick series as a whole so here is my two cents from the trailor-

The trailer shows us that John’s Excommunicado that was announced in the second film taking in effect, putting 40 million on his head via the High Table’s creed. John runs to two different women: one called the Director (Anjelica Huston)

who John seemingly needed a rosery to gain an audience with and another assassin Sofia (Halle Berry) who seems to assist him. There are numerous cut aways to scenes of gun fights, a motorcycle chase, a (probably) final fight in room full of glass skulls and John walking up a sand dune.

We knew from the very first film that there would be all sorts of trouble after John went out for revenge and, thus far, the director has done a good job with answering the consequences of reentering the assassin world in the second film. This third film will probably tie John’s story up in a beautiful Windsor knot as we watch him try to flee the world he forced himself back into.

My one worry while watching the trailor is how Halle Berry’s Sofia is going to do next to Keanu Reeves’ John. Mr. Reeves has done serious training to become John Wick, just take a quick Google search to find videos of Mr. Reeves training with a gun to understand what I mean. That training and dedication translates beautifully over to the big screen that every single move, though done in a less lethal way, is believable to the audience. Ms. Berry does have a whole Instagram story dedicated to her training for this movie but, thus far, it doesn’t show me the power or finality that Mr. Reeves possess in his. This may be because most of hers are martial arts while his is shooting but I will never know until I watch it when it releases in May.

The word “Parabellum” also is an interesting word choice. Not only is it the name of a Germen pistol but also is a Latin phrase that loosely translates to “Prepare for War”. Take that where you will.

Do you have any predicitons?

Feel free to comment!


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A Magical Game

There are many boardgames that cause torment to its players: Monopoly with its slow decent into a cruel business owner, Munchin when the level 1 slime just HAPPENS to have a level 20 dragon as a friend, and SORRY! because NO ONE IS BELIEVING YOUR TERRIBLE APOLOGY WHEN YOU SLAM THEIR PIECE BACK TO THE BEGINNING!

I am pleased to announce that I have found a game that can be added to that coveted rank:

Magic Maze

To grossly simplify it because I’m not the game instructions: a 4+ player game where you’re 4 theifs who need to steal 4 different objects and then escape within the timelimit. You build the board as you go, discovering new parts until each are able escape.

There are THREE game mechanics that make this game a living hell:

1. Each player is in charge of one movement direction and one ability (e.g. you have the card to move up and to discover new rooms)

2. You are all incharge of each pawn. You can only move a pawn the direction that you’ve been given.

3. You can’t talk nor gesture to other players

Yeah… You read that last one right. There are different “campaigns” with a new layer of difficulty to add to the game but one of the first rules you get after the practice run is that none of the players can talk after time has started. Though there is no talking nor gesturing, there is one piece called a “DO SOMETHING” (literally what the game calls it) pawn that you can place in front of the person who needs to do an action.

I played this with my family and, normally, our form of communication during a time crunch is through yelling at each other, especially when we have to multitask. So you can imagine the pain we experience when we found out we couldn’t talk during the game. 90% of the game turned into us just aggressively tapping the “DO SOMETHING” pawn at a person and get even more frustrated when the person does the opposite of what we wanted.

It was a good way to develop a way of communication and planning inbetween the rounds, though I don’t think it did anything to help my hotheaded family members on a better form of communication.


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The Mortal Engine of Aquaman

In an effort to get to new content I’m going to streamline a few of my reviews. The first set of reviews are for Mortal Engines and Aquaman.

Mortal Engines

While super pretty it left me wanting a lot more. It didn’t wow me and obviously I wasn’t the only one. It hasn’t made much since its opening and kinda rightly so. It came out at the wrong time of year behind giants like Spiderverse and Aquaman. I would recommend waiting till it comes out on Netflix instead of paying for it.

I give it a 4/10 ☹️


It’s DC and that pretty much says it all. It wasn’t terrible I’ll admit. I had fun. But it wasn’t great either. The tone was all over the place, Black Manta was a major disappointment, and it was extremely predictable. It was another movie that left me wanting more. I’m sad DC didn’t have another Wonder Woman level hit. But then again DC just hasn’t cracked the code yet.

I give it a 6/10 😐

I’ll see you geeks and nerds later!


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Marry Poppins still delightful

Mary Poppins Returns

I grew up in a house where you loved Mary Poppins or you were banished out into the cold abyss never to return again. So needless to say I was skeptical about how good it could be. I knew the cast was amazing but were they going to be THAT amazing. I was pleasantly surprised.

Sure it is very clear that Disney wants to cram as much of the nostalgia without doing a complete redo of the first movie (instead of kites we fly balloons. Instead of chimney sweeps being the lower class aide whom assists us on our way home its gas lamp lighters….they even tap dance too). But it was done in such a way that felt fresh and nostalgic- a weird combo that could only be done by Disney.

Lastly do NOT let anyone tell you that Emily Blunt is not a superstar Mary because they’re just sad and wrong. She is easily the best part of the movie and Disney’s best choice in the recreation.

All in all a solid B. Great choice for a family or a person wanting to relive their childhood.


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Spidey swings into our Hearts

Let’s talk about the best film of 2018…

Spoilers. As always.

The plot of Spiderverse follows its comic book counterpart fairly closely. The story follows a young Miles Morales as he gets spider powers, watches his Spider-Man die, and ends up teaming up with a different Spider-Man (Peter Parker) from a different universe. The new Peter wants to get back to his universe and Miles tries to help him. That’s a very basic overview.

In a very simplistic view that doesn’t sound too bad. It’s adventurous and enjoyable. But Spiderverse is more than a happy go lucky coming of age John Hughes style movie. We do see Miles start to grow up and deal with things most kids do like new schools and parents who don’t understand.

But it goes farther.

Miles watches his hero, Spider-Man, get ruthlessly murdered by the most foreboding version of Kingpin ever to grace the screen (sorry Daredevil fans). This is not long after Miles discovers he too has spider powers. Miles goes to the one person he think can help in his time of grief, his uncle Arron. But quickly Miles learns his uncle is an assassin and criminal, the Prowler! The betrayal is shocking and disturbing for even the viewer. Miles ends up accidentally teaming up with five other Spider-People from different worlds to not only stop Kingpin but return each Spider-Person to their world.

Throughout the adventure we are given an amazing soundtrack to listen to. I’m not much of a rap fan but the way the music fits the plot so well, is fantastic. Every song is written and tailored for the movie and its plot.

An incredible story and amazing music aside something else stands out. The art. The style or more accurately styles are astonishing. Each different Spider-Person has their own unique art style that comes off as beautiful and well done. It’s not garish or extremely contradictory. It’s unique and extremely well thought out.

In the end Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse was the best film of 2018 and definitely deserves my rating of

15/10 🔥🔥🔥

I’ll see you geeks and nerds later!


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Avengers Endgame Theory?!?

Avengers 4 has had a ton of rumors around it since Infinity War. But now IMDB gives us a few more clues that we can look at. These screenshots were taken directly from the website.

First we see two notes of interest. Two characters from the 1970s. Both extras and not seemingly important because they aren’t named. But they are casted. This casting means that at least in some form time travel will happen in Endgame. This has long been rumored and only seems confirmed by this casting. Along with these extras we see a lot of SHIELD agents, Soliders, and Midtown High students (Peter Parker’s school). We aren’t quite sure why but apparently they will be important.

We also see the Ancient One and Crossbones returning. Both of these characters have since been dead for several movies. Since both are returning this too gives some credit to more time travel. Maybe the Avengers taking the time stone from the Ancient One wayyy before Doctor Strange?

We also get to see the return of Harley Keener aka the kid from Iron Man 3. He is by far too old to be playing a flashback version of himself. They could still have extra footage from Iron Man 3 but I doubt it. Personally I’m hoping he finally takes up the mantel of Iron Man after Tony dies.

Lastly one of the most important things is who we don’t see on this list, Loki, Gamora, or Vision. I can’t believe I’m saying this but all three may really be dead. Only time will tell.

I’ll see you geeks and nerds later!


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I know the truth Marvel!

I have a few points of interest before I begin.

First is Potential Spoilers? This may spoil most MCU movies and future projects. You have been warned.

Second the MCU changes origin stories. Thanos, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Hawkeye, Thor, Vision, Starlord, M’baku and others all had altered origins from the comics.

Third Marvel misdirects a lot. I mean a lot. So all of this could be wrong. It’s just a theory.

I didn’t think much of the Captain Marvel trailer till “From Superheroes” explained it.

Captain Marvel is a Skrull.

Yep. She is one of the “bad guys”. What’s the proof? Her blood. Even on earth her blood is green. Wayyy before she gets brainwashed in space. You see several shots of younger Carol laying on the ground bleeding green blood. Long story short Carol is a Skrull sent to earth to observe and infiltrate till the eventual invasion, just like the old lady she punches on the bus. But in some accident she ends up with the Kree and loses all memory of her Skrull life. She is helped with Kree medical which gives her the blue blood, now mixed with her Skrull blood. The combination makes for a very very powerful chick. She is the first of her kind. A true hybrid Skrull/Kree super solider or maybe simply a Super Skrull. Since one government never rescued her (Skrull) and one lied (Kree) she chooses to fight for the memories she has of earth.

In the trailer a Skrull can be heard asking her does she want to know what she truly is. It’s not Kree, or human, but Skrull.

Not enough proof for you?


Her gosh dang cat has been getting a lot of attention. No I’m not talking about it being a feminist statement or whatever Tumblr has claimed. No it’s because of the toy leaks.

Not one, but three toy companies (Hasbro, Lego, and Funko POP) have released images of Goose the cat toys. This means this cat is more than just a cute nod to the comics. The cat even made the first poster over in the far corner. It’s important. And not because she is a crazy cat lady.

These toys play right into the theory of Captain M being a Skrull. How can I claim that? If you look at the toy releases, the first being the hasbro action figures, Goose (aka her cat aka Chewie in the comics) is in cuffs and has a muzzle. Which means one of two things. Either Goose is an alien monster like in the comics, orrrr something far more sinister.

Goose the cat is Carols Skrull handler.

Just like any spy, Carol has a handler on earth as a “kid”. It’s the cat. What’s my evidence? The LEGO set. Goose is with the Skrulls and isn’t in a cage. If the Skrulls saw Goose as a threat he would be in a cage. Hasbro went to the trouble of designing a cat in cuffs with a muzzle. Skrulls are known to shapeshift. Carol is proof of that.

The plot of Captain M will follow a “spy” style story. CM is one of the Kree suicide squad. Every single character on her team is a villain in the comics. Even Jude Law. We see Ronin the Accuser (Guardians Vol. 1) with her too. The Kree/Skrull War is in full bloom. CM and her squad go on a very dangerous mission that ends with her crashing to earth. Fury meets her and the two try to put together her past. They eventually reconnect with her military past and Goose, who has been hiding in the last place she was seen. We find out CM went on an experimental mission and ended up being “fixed up” by the Kree. After Goose reports that CM has been found, the Skrulls invade earth to try to rescue her. In the end it is revealed that the Krees are not “Nobel warrior heroes”. CM goes off to try to stop both sides and Fury is left on earth, now it’s only protector, from a much bigger galaxy.

Mark my words come March.


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