Pixverse Part 5: AI Haven

Earth is destroyed. Humans and robots have waged a war that has destroyed most of humanity. All that remains is a broken planet. And that’s where Wall-E comes in. After the Robot-Human was earth was left decimated. All that was left of humans was left on the Axiom. At the end of Wall-E humans return to earth. But it doesn’t work. The humans quickly die out leaving just robots and AI on earth. The robots thrive and you end up with the Cars trilogy. The cars thrive for years until they begin to have an oil shortage. Just like humanity the cars/robots go too far and in the end kill themselves.

Because in the end even robots will wipe themselves out.

Next week we end our Pixverse series. Well until Toy Story 4.


#Pixverse #Disney #Pixar #wethegeekry


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