Netflix: The Next Frontier

Who remembers Paramount Pictures? You should. They are the studio that released “A Quiet Place”. They haven’t gone out of business yet. They are in the news again why? They made a deal with Netflix.

What deal did Netflix and Paramount make?

The duo has signed on to let Netflix create shows and movies using such properties as Transformers, Star Trek, Cloverfield and others. It’s no surprise Paramount would do this taking into consideration they were the ones behind 13 Reasons Why, Maniac, and the new live action Last Airbender Series (check out Incensum’s article on that

This is a huge deal. Why? Simply put Paramount is the sixth biggest studio in the US. Everyone is trying to get into the streaming game. With the looming release of Disney+ (RytheGeek’s article on that Paramount is trying not to be left behind.

I want to give credit to Paramount for using Netflix. I’m very upset that DC and Disney have decided to create their own platforms instead of using current services.

Even if the new shows that Netflix and Paramount have are not amazing at least they are trying. For that I am grateful.

Let’s all settle in as the streaming wars kick off.

I’ll see you geeks and nerds later!


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