Pixverse Part 6: Monsters, Witches, and Time travel! Oh my!

The Pixverse ends (currently) with Monsters University and Monsters Inc. After humanities final extinction and the demise of the robots earth is abandoned. Except for the animals. They have been there the entire time. Struggling to survive on a forsaken planet. With out the pollution from the robots and humans life can return to normal. Bugs are the first creatures to emerge as we see in A Bugs Life. They are much more intelligent and creative then we last saw in Finding Dory. They have entire societies and inventions. Eventually these bugs become bigger and we get the mostest we see in Monsters U and Monsters inc.

But those Monsters do one important thing. Time travel. The doors they use to scare kids are time portals. They go back in time to scare children.

Boo sees this as a child. She is one of only a few kids to see this. Riley from Inside Out also saw a monster (Bing Bong) but like most kids she thought she made him up. Boo on the other hand was convinced that her “Kitty” was real. She would spend the rest of her life searching for Sully.

How do we know this? Because Boo is the witch from Brave. The old lady who uses doors to create new houses? Sound familiar?

But how did she end up in the 10th century? Great question. Boo either helped create portals with the government or made them herself in her adult life. I lean towards helping the government. Why? We see simple portals used a lot in the second Incredibles movie. That is part of Jack Jack and Voyd’s powers. You see them use simple visual teleportation.

Before the supers went extinct the government (more accurately probably Buy n Large) discovered how to recreate this teleportation. Boo helped perfect the science and then stole it to find Sully.

She uses the teleportation door to accidentally go back in time instead of forwards. She spends her life going the wrong direction from Sully and leaves Easter eggs all throughout time (and the Pixar movies) for him to find her. In the end she finds the start of magic. Which is during the time of Brave. But sadly we never know if she found Sully again.

It has been a long six weeks going through the Pixverse. But we can summarize it really quick.

Everything is Boos fault. She used time travel and created hints and clues and used science in Times she shouldn’t have. Her science and technology (magic according to Brave) created a butterfly effect that would destroy humanity. The entire Pixverse is all Boos fault.


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