Umbrella Academy a refreshing superhero team

Umbrella Academy

Stand aside X-men, a new team of super humans is on the scene. The Umbrella Academy is here and definitely making a name for themselves.

I just finished a 24 hour binge sesh of Umbrella Academy on Netflix. I loved it! I’m going to come out and say it. I thought it was one of the best shows I’ve watched in several years. Not to mention it’s everything I’ve always wanted in an X-men series but better.

As someone who never read the comics I went into this blind and I was happily rewarded. The plot follows seven siblings who have extraordinary powers. Well okay six super powered siblings and one regular sibling to make us all feel better about not having powers. It’s been years since the team worked together. Their surrogate dad is dead and almost everyone shows up for his funeral. No surprise, chaos ensues.

This show blew my mind. I loved it. The last time I binged a show this fast I was in high school. I can’t believe a comic book so wonderfully written has escaped me until now.

Ellen Page stars as one of the children, the normal one if I’m honest. Usually I’m not a fan of her acting. But I must admit I think this is the perfect roll for her. The character is detached, emotionally unavailable, and very ordinary. Just like her. The other main casting is phenomenal too. I can’t say how much I enjoyed this show enough.

Take some time out. Watch Umbrella Academy. You won’t regret it.


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