Is Nudity Nessessary?

unpopularopinioneWow! I love this movie! What amazing acting! What a beautiful plot! What incredible editing! This really is-and that’s a naked person…”

Why do films have nudity in them? Why do they think this is necessary? How does it add to the plot?

There are normally two schools of thought:
The human body is beautiful and when put into shapes, like in dancing or a scene or a pose, making it a medium for art.
Yes, the human body is beautiful but that beauty should be reserved for your significant other. Seeing a naked body only encourages crude thoughts and shouldn’t be allowed in society.

The idea of beauty in the human body can be seen the best when looking back on Ancient Greece when their sculptures began to sculpt their gods using what we now call “The Golden Ratio”. When creating their perfect gods, the Greeks suddenly turned the human body from imperfect to perfect and soon hundreds of these statues popped up and continued into the Roman Empire.
From there, the knowledge of the Golden Ratio took over, notibally in the great ages of Baroque and Classical, and the human body was made a vocal point and was praised through mainstream arts in not only Classical art styles but also in the abstract and other Modern art styles

Now, I’m not the happiest person when it comes to nudity, I prefer everyone to be fully clothed thank you, but I do understand there is a thing called “Necessary Nudity” in media.

What is Necessary Nudity? It is one of two things:

1. Historically accurate (e.g. the ancient Olympics)
2. A character is in a spot that nudity is a reality (e.g. a brothel)

Sex scenes DO NOT COUNT as necessary nudity. I have yet to see a movie where a sex scene (nude or otherwise) has added to the plot. If you’re going to show that characters love each other, show the little lovey dovey moments, just because they had sex doesn’t mean they love each other.

I may be in the minority here but I’m completely fine with that. I will take a movie with less nudity and more plot any day.

Rant done.


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