Aquaman worth all the waves?


…I guess I should finally talk about the newest trailer. I mean it did happen…

If you can’t tell I’m not terribly excited for this movie. I have about as much hope for it as I did for Venom, which wasn’t a whole lot. DC has been disappointing me a lot lately. They have issues with the comics, poor management of their new shows, misuse of current properties, not to mention the 80% failure rate of the DCEU movies.

I’ve tried to like the DCEU. I really have. Granted I though Man of Steel was at best a 5/10. But Batman v Superman was a 6/10 and Suicide Squad was another 6/10. Wonder Woman was fantastic. I bought it immediately when it came out. It’s an easy 9-9.5/10. But when I walked out of Justice League I had to apologize to my girlfriend. That was the first superhero movie she had ever seen and it was maybe a 6.5-7.

You can always say I’m just a Marvel fanboy who doesn’t know anything. That’s one excuse you can tell yourself. But you’re wrong. I do enjoy Marvel yes. But it’s also incredibly hard to argue against the quality and success of Thor Ragnorok, Black Panther, and Infinity War. Those three hit the MCU out of the park. I admit Marvel has had some bombs like Iron Man 2 and 3, Thor 1 and 2, Age of Ultron and a few others. But Marvel also made giants that put all others to shame.

I should stop myself. This isn’t why the MCU makes better movies. It’s Aquaman.

I mostly ranted because Mark Millar (wrote comics for both DC and Marvel) posted on Twitter “Aquaman trailer just made modern Marvel look like 70s TV Marvel, chums,” Millar wrote in a tweet. “The green gauntlet has been slapped down and DC back in the game. A 5 min trailer so damn audacious, [James Wan], you damn genius!”

I don’t agree.

The DCEU has time and time again shown trailers and cut anything the fans were excited about. Both Justice League and Suicide Squad suffered that fate.

But putting all that aside let’s talk about the trailer. I do think it spoiled too much being five minutes. Here is my plot prediction:


Mera comes to Aquaman needing help. Orm, Aquas half brother is planning to take the throne of Atlantis. But to be king Orm needs the kings trident. So the married couple to be go in search of it. Along the way they are tracked by Black Manta and almost killed. Black Manta was hired by Orm to kill the duo and steal the trident. Manta fails and Aqua gets the trident. He is proven the “true heir”, dons the King Armor, and leads the armies of Atlantis against Orm and his dark demons. Orm turns out to be being controlled by some dark force Aqua has to fight. The final boss fight is poorly lit and the villain is grayish black making him hard to see. Aquaman wins and the movie is over.

Even with all the predictability there are some distinct moments worth mentioning.

Black Manta. He is the sole reason I want to see this movie. He looks absolutely amazing. I’m so ready for him to be on the big screen. As a villain I’ve always found him fascinating.

The King Armor. It’s a call back to the classic orange and green suit. It looks fantastic.

Summary? DC better be bringing something new because I’m very bored with them.



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