Venom: Turd in the Wind or Surprisingly Sweet?


I was wrong. The critics are wrong. Every opinion I had about this movie was wrong.

When I walked in I was prepared to hate it. I didn’t pay for 3D or a huge screen, just normal movie tickets for my girlfriend and I. I had already been apologizing to her because I was sure this was going to be a crap shoot. Nothing even remotely interesting and probably pretty gross.

I was wrong.


Venom is a fun and interesting movie. It doesn’t throw a twist like Infinity War (or honestly any superhero movie since Dark Knight) but that doesn’t mean it was bad. Yeah I thought the predictability would bore me and because it was PG-13 I would be disappointed. I wasn’t. It did follow a pretty linear plot and that in of itself would be dull. But Sony did something that surprised me and worked really well.

Venom, the symbiote, was funny.

Surprising to say the least. The symbiote was the unexpected comic relief of the movie. It was aggressive and dark but also extremely humorous and polite. I enjoyed the banter between Venom and Eddie Brock more then anything. It was fun to watch the dynamic. They play off of each other and in many ways come to a fun understanding of what it’s like to be a crazed hungry human alien hybrid. There is one particular scene when Brock is being chased by the villains that the symbiote politely moves two cars aside so that Brock can escape. He didn’t flip the cars (like I expected), just politely moved them aside. The symbiote cared a lot more about not only Eddie but also most of humanity a lot more than I thought it would.

I really enjoyed Venom. Was it perfect? No. Was is predictable? Yes.

But it was fun.

Venom gets a solid 8/10 😃



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