Miraculous Ladybug

I like watching Miraculous Ladybug.
Yes, I know it’s a kid’s show and yes, I am well aware that I am waaaaaay past their target audience but hear me out.
No, I’m going to say this right now, Miraculous Ladybug isn’t like Steven Universe or Avatar: The Last Airbender with their story lines and underlining meanings beneath their cute art style nor is it like Gravity Falls or Adventure Time where viewers just want to know how it ends.
So, why do I, a twentysomething woman with two jobs, decide “Hey, I’m going to dedicate part of my limited amount of free time to watch a children’s program on Netflix.”?
My reasoning is pure and simple:
Miraculous Ladybug is Pure and Simple.
It is about a 14 year old girl in Paris who gains superpowers via a Miraculous and transforms into Ladybug and with her partner Chat Noir, they both must defeat the villainous Hawkmoth and his Akuma while dealing with their own high school problems.
“But wait!” You might say, “Shouldn’t you be stimulating your mind with thought provoking themes and good scripts?”
Of Course! I always will encourage people to watch or read something that challenges you!
However, there are times when something thought provoking and intense might leave you feeling more tired and even depressed at times. I’m not going to tell you to watch The Matrix when your brain is fried. Sometimes there’s just something about a pure and simple plot that lulls the watcher into a safe zone. You already know that Hawkmoth is going to appear and Ladybug and Chat Noir are going to save the day with their special abilities so you don’t really need to focus on anything except the characters.
Seriously, (with the exception of 3 episodes) the only intense thing about Miraculous Ladybug is the love square that the two main characters have (yes, you need to watch it to understand it). Also, because it is a children’s show, you get simple world truths from each episode that give you a nostalgic feel as you watch the characters learn and grow.

Pure and Simple…. Or until the creators decide they can make the show more than just a children’s show.



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