The fall of Telltale…

I don’t know if you guys are keeping up with the news but Telltale Games offically announced that they are closing shop last Friday.
This company is responsible for games such as:
The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, Batman: The Telltale Series, and Tales of the Boarderlands.
With their recent release of the final chapter of The Walking Dead, it came as a shock to me to hear the news. In their most recent interviews, Telltale Games said that they had “No choice” since they had lost a big financial backer, causing them to cut more then half of their staff.
As of currently these are confirmed:
*Walking Dead might finish. Episode 2 will be released and episodes 3 and 4 will be completed.
*Netflix is still going to push on with the Stranger Things game.
*Everyone is upset.
The company seemed to have been doing well with their series but, according to reports, employees were well aware that the company was under financial strain for the past few years and was under fire from their previous Chief Executive but this hit hard and fast.

Twitter has been revealing a lot of information by not only Telltale but the developers and other employees. Many are upset at how fast everything has happened and some are straight out angry.

But all is not lost. Other game studios like Blizzard are offering to employe the former Telltale workers. So even as this storm continues the gaming community rallies around an amazing team.

Only time can tell what happens next since new information is coming out each hour.

-Mabel and RytheGeek

Youtube: Philip Defranco show, Monday, September 24th 2018.


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