Pixverse Part 1: The Pixar Truth

Part 1- The Pixar Truth⠀

The Pixar Theory and the Pixar Universe (what I will refer to as the Pixverse from now on) hold several unconventional truths. The first is that the laws of our earth and world do not apply. So discard any reality you know (as if talking toys and bugs wasn’t enough). Second, magic and science are basically the same thing. Throughout this series you will see how science and magic are continuously referred to and interchanged. Third even Pixar has to retcon stuff. So deal with it. There are inconsistencies but what conspiracy theory doesn’t have issues? Forth for this series I will be assuming you have seen every Pixar movie, so I will not be recapping the entire film, just the main Pixverse points. Finally and probably the most important, I’m the one coming up with my own Pixar Theory. This isn’t official. That means I miss stuff and make mistakes. Be nice. Thanks.



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