The Bricks Spoil All


Without showing you the pictures LEGO has done it again. They have leaked what Avengers Endgame will look like.

From here on out *SPOILERS*

The Russo Brothers have been pretty tight lipped about Endgame and with it only two months away the anticipation is mounting.

They have announced five sets in total that are from the new film. With each of these we understand LEGO is taking some creative liberties but the sets are usually pretty close to the films.

I do have every single set from Infinity War, I will admit. I wanted Thanos with a full infinity gauntlet. So you could say I’m excited for the new sets.

But what do these sets mean for Endgame?

The biggest point I want to mention is we don’t see another villain. The only bad guy we see is Thanos. Even with rumors of a Fantastic Four villain or Kang we don’t see a trace of them in the sets. So who knows.

After seeing Captain Marvel this weekend I will revisit my Endgame theory. I want to hold off until I know everything I can. But I do have some speculation on what the white suits mean, why some characters are with others, and why we see the hall of Iron Man suits again. So gear up for Theory and spoiler central this weekend. Because I think I have the time stone and I’ve seen into the future thanks to LEGO.


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