Girlfriend Game Guide Episode 3- GTA V


When I told people I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas they mostly responded with “um why” and you know what that makes a whole lot more sense now I’ve watched him play. Like literally what is happening in this world and how can you steal like fifty cars and still not be arrested. It is truly unfathomable. Pure madness. 

Reality aside however I’m honestly struggling to decide how I feel about this one. I can get myself behind a good anti hero and so the narrative of this really wraps me in. I’m torn between not wanting a bank robber to succeed but also thinking about motives and reasons I would have never before. Additionally this ones a great one to watch because it’s purposely designed with three very different main characters so when you’re bored of one you hop to another. It almost feels like he’s playing different games and it really keeps me engaged 

Rating: 8 illegal joyride figure eights out of ten 


#Restart #GTAV #GrandTheftAuto #wethegeek #wethegeekry


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