Maleficent was trash. Change my mind.

In search of answers…

Can someone please explain to me why Disney is making a Maleficent 2? Like what’s the point? I usually don’t go on tirades, especially against Disney the all powerful, but this one needs to happen.

Maleficent was a rotten garbage film that’s had not only crappy acting and special effects but a shoddy plot. It’s was a waste of an hour and a half of my life. I don’t usually hate movies with such a burning passion but this ranks up there with RIPD, Cars 2, and All is Lost. It was just a trashy waste of talent (or lack there of for the main character), money, and the viewers time.

I guess besides it being a rotting corpse of a hair brained plot I really just hate that Disney took a really well done classic villain and made them a wimp. I love villains that are bad and own it. Look at Captain Hook or Scar or Hades. All classic Disney villains who were evil through and through. They didn’t have to have redemption arcs. You knew they were evil and that was okay. But Disney mistakenly attempted to redeem Maleficent and it stunk of a freshly run over skunk. She doesn’t need to be redeemed. She is evil. Deal with it.

I’m not excited for this movie. If you can’t tell.


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