Smosh, GameTheory, and Defy

Defy Media and the Fallout

It’s been a while (November) since I’ve given an update on Smosh, Defy, and the collapse of YouTube. We have a lot of news both great and terrible.

Let’s start with the bad news first. Defy Media really has collapsed. We reported it when Smosh fell into disarray and subsequently several other YouTubers have come out to say they were part of, and hurt by, Defy Media. Matthew Patrick of GameTheory has been the loudest in his complaints of Defy. You can check out his first video here.

Through the confessions of the other former Defy YouTubers we have learned a lot. First Defy was a middle man. The company was designed to help small YouTubers advertise and build their brand. For a small fee off the top Defy would help with these things. They would take the money from YouTube, take their cut of the ad revenue, then pass it on to the YouTubers. Defy would use the money coming in, the total, not their cut, and show investors how much they were making. But the money wasn’t theirs. Most of it belonged to the YouTubers. In the end when Defy collapsed they had stollen $1.7 million from the YouTubers they represented. They kept many of these Internet personalities paychecks and said too bad. Matpat does a much better job explaining so go watch his video.

Simplified down Defy stole $1.7 million from people like GameTheory and Smosh.

Besides stealing, Defy also closed on of the most well known YouTube channels, Smosh. We reported on in back in November and you can read the article here

Thankfully Smosh has some good news. After several months in limbo Smosh has a new home, Rhett and Link. Yes the duo who stars and runs Good Mythical Morning has taken Smosh under their wings and given them a home. We aren’t sure what changes, if any, will happen to Smosh but this is definitely great news.

Stay tuned as the Defy scandal unfolds.


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