Reboot the DCEU

Task Force X

The rumor mill is in full swing again for the DCEU and this time it has to do with a soft reboot to the franchise.

A while back James Gunn was gored from Disney and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. After said incident the execs over at DC saw an opportunity. Rumor has it Gunn will be directing the Suicide Squad sequel (say that ten times fast).

New rumors report that Gunn will actually be in charge of rebooting the DCEU with Task Force X, not making it Suicide Squad 2. This isn’t really a surprise. Both Superman and Batman actors have quit, leaving a gaping hole in the DCEU roster. To be completely fair the DCEU has only produced one good movie and one okay movie. If they ever want to reach Marvel and Disney, they really have to step their game up.

Task Force X seems like a good opportunity for DC. It is a great way to introduce some new rogues like Reverse Flash and Penguin before throwing them up against Flash and Batman. It also is a good time to bring out little known villans like Parasite, Captain Cold, or Firehawk, all of whom have never made it into the live action big screen.

If the DCEU does decide to reboot, they have my full support.


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