“Go” play Eevee

Pokémon is a franchise that is no stranger to anyone. With many successful games, a tv series, a trading card game, a mobile game, and many cameos and references in other franchises, Pokémon has taken the world by storm. The latest installation in the series is a two-part one: Pokémon “Let’s go Eevee,” and “Pikachu.”

These two games both closely follow the story and plot of Pokémon Yellow, one of the gen one Pokémon games, which specifically takes inspiration from the show. However, there are a few differences.

One: the art is extremely upscaled from its 8-bit, black and white counterpart. The art style is closer to Legend of Zelda’s Windwaker art, and is extremely pleasing to look at as a result.

Two: the types and references to the outside world. In this game, they retained the modern Pokémon types, and there are npc’s just dying to get you to trade your Kanto Pokémon for their Alola Pokémon (the current gen). The game only has the original 151 Pokémon, but the alolan variants are there as well.

Three: the method of capturing Pokémon. I’m gen one, and in most mainline titles, you run into Pokémon randomly (and extremely frequently). In Let’s Go, that is not the case. The Pokémon appear in the overworld, which means you can avoid them, or target specific ones. Additionally, the capture method is not a battle, it’s the mobile app Pokémon Go’s method: throwing pokeballs at them. In fact, your companion Pokémon is caught in this manner, rather than professor oak just giving one to you.

I’ve been playing Eevee a lot lately, and have to say that as a casual Pokémon fan, and someone who’s played yellow, this game is definitely a fun one. I’m so glad I did end up picking it up.


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