We’ve been discussing this a lot in the office and we are finally happy to announce a new branch in our team…


Luna and myself are spearheading the department with the help of many of our current writers.

We want to create a gaming division of WetheGeek. Dedicated to reviews and news of all the latest games and even some retro ones. There are many of us on the team that love to game, everything from Super Smash Bro to GTA V to Halo and beyond. We’ve got you covered with the latest updates, news, and reviews of stuff that has hit shelves.

With the start of this new division we are starting a new series. Here is the author to introduce it herself.

Hey y’all Luna here. So excited to introduce my new weekly series- Girlfriend Game Guide. It’s for all the people stuck perpetually being player two and having no idea what the term “right bumper” means in playing a game. I’ve spent a lot of time recently getting exposed to gaming with my boyfriend investing in a PlayStation. Growing up all I had was a knockoff Japanese dance mat that plugged into my VCR and an Nintendog (…..wonder if that thing died on me). So here’s MY take on the hot new games. Time to see what the side line player thinks about your favorite pastime.

We thank you for joining us as we start **Restart** and hope you all like it as much as we do!


#restart #videogames #gaming #pc #xbox #nintendo #playstation #mac #girlfriendgameguide #wethegeek #wethegeekluna #wethegeekry


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