Spidey swings into our Hearts

Let’s talk about the best film of 2018…

Spoilers. As always.

The plot of Spiderverse follows its comic book counterpart fairly closely. The story follows a young Miles Morales as he gets spider powers, watches his Spider-Man die, and ends up teaming up with a different Spider-Man (Peter Parker) from a different universe. The new Peter wants to get back to his universe and Miles tries to help him. That’s a very basic overview.

In a very simplistic view that doesn’t sound too bad. It’s adventurous and enjoyable. But Spiderverse is more than a happy go lucky coming of age John Hughes style movie. We do see Miles start to grow up and deal with things most kids do like new schools and parents who don’t understand.

But it goes farther.

Miles watches his hero, Spider-Man, get ruthlessly murdered by the most foreboding version of Kingpin ever to grace the screen (sorry Daredevil fans). This is not long after Miles discovers he too has spider powers. Miles goes to the one person he think can help in his time of grief, his uncle Arron. But quickly Miles learns his uncle is an assassin and criminal, the Prowler! The betrayal is shocking and disturbing for even the viewer. Miles ends up accidentally teaming up with five other Spider-People from different worlds to not only stop Kingpin but return each Spider-Person to their world.

Throughout the adventure we are given an amazing soundtrack to listen to. I’m not much of a rap fan but the way the music fits the plot so well, is fantastic. Every song is written and tailored for the movie and its plot.

An incredible story and amazing music aside something else stands out. The art. The style or more accurately styles are astonishing. Each different Spider-Person has their own unique art style that comes off as beautiful and well done. It’s not garish or extremely contradictory. It’s unique and extremely well thought out.

In the end Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse was the best film of 2018 and definitely deserves my rating of

15/10 🔥🔥🔥

I’ll see you geeks and nerds later!


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