Marry Poppins still delightful

Mary Poppins Returns

I grew up in a house where you loved Mary Poppins or you were banished out into the cold abyss never to return again. So needless to say I was skeptical about how good it could be. I knew the cast was amazing but were they going to be THAT amazing. I was pleasantly surprised.

Sure it is very clear that Disney wants to cram as much of the nostalgia without doing a complete redo of the first movie (instead of kites we fly balloons. Instead of chimney sweeps being the lower class aide whom assists us on our way home its gas lamp lighters….they even tap dance too). But it was done in such a way that felt fresh and nostalgic- a weird combo that could only be done by Disney.

Lastly do NOT let anyone tell you that Emily Blunt is not a superstar Mary because they’re just sad and wrong. She is easily the best part of the movie and Disney’s best choice in the recreation.

All in all a solid B. Great choice for a family or a person wanting to relive their childhood.


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