Avengers Endgame Theory?!?

Avengers 4 has had a ton of rumors around it since Infinity War. But now IMDB gives us a few more clues that we can look at. These screenshots were taken directly from the website.

First we see two notes of interest. Two characters from the 1970s. Both extras and not seemingly important because they aren’t named. But they are casted. This casting means that at least in some form time travel will happen in Endgame. This has long been rumored and only seems confirmed by this casting. Along with these extras we see a lot of SHIELD agents, Soliders, and Midtown High students (Peter Parker’s school). We aren’t quite sure why but apparently they will be important.

We also see the Ancient One and Crossbones returning. Both of these characters have since been dead for several movies. Since both are returning this too gives some credit to more time travel. Maybe the Avengers taking the time stone from the Ancient One wayyy before Doctor Strange?

We also get to see the return of Harley Keener aka the kid from Iron Man 3. He is by far too old to be playing a flashback version of himself. They could still have extra footage from Iron Man 3 but I doubt it. Personally I’m hoping he finally takes up the mantel of Iron Man after Tony dies.

Lastly one of the most important things is who we don’t see on this list, Loki, Gamora, or Vision. I can’t believe I’m saying this but all three may really be dead. Only time will tell.

I’ll see you geeks and nerds later!


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