The monster under your bed?

I just recently watched “The Babadook”







Let me say that you should never go into a movie thinking you already know the outcome of it.

I had asked the internet if they could provide me with their favorite Halloween movies for and this was the movie that one person had put up. When I think of Halloween movies, I think of Monster movies or plots about curses or something creepy happening to the main characters. So, there was a major bit of confusion on my part when going into this movie that’s about personifying depression.


A mother and her son try to live normal lives. The mother had lost her husband to a crash when her son was born and it’s rolling to that time of the year again. One night, her son chooses a book called “The Babadook”. The book talks about the Babadook and how he enters into your life and he’ll only get stronger the more you deny he’s there. Suddenly, after reading the book, her son claims he keeps seeing the Babadook around.

Honestly, the only reason why I didn’t like the movie as much was because for the first half of the movie I was expecting monster lore, only to realize that the monster was already known to me. One of the things that I enjoyed (once I got over my confusion) was the way that they edited the music to match the mother’s thoughts: crescendoing as her thoughts become more chaotic and then suddenly crashing into silence as her reasoning puts her back into her fake normalcy. I don’t think that the movie was a really deep dive into depression but it is a good idea into how you can interpret it into a tangible monster.

I don’t think that I’ll be watching it again any time soon but I would like to rewatch it with the knowledge I have now and not the “Monster movie” idea in my head.


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