Cells at Work makes my heart warm

Weird how the right people can make a worth while anime out of the strangest and mundane topics.

Meet the anime “Cells at Work” and it’s exactly what it’s name is.

Dive into the human body to meet the multitude of cells that make up our complex blood, immune, and digestive system. Learn about the different cells and their jobs in these systems and what they do if a bacteria att– Ok… Yeah, I know it kind of sounds like something that your high school biology teacher would put on if they didn’t want to teach but here me out.

The thing that attracted me to this anime was the fact that they stayed true to how the body works. Instead of creating different characters designs (or however “different” background characters can be) they stayed true to how cells actually are and created base character designs according to what they are. There’s room for creativity within the individuals but, once you get to know the cells a bit better, it’s kind of fun to see them in the background and be like ” YO! That’s a White Blood Cell!”. The anime does stop and talk about what the cells/bacteria do, so if you’re not a fan of explaining, not quite the best anime for you.

Idk, I’m a nerd and love collecting random bits of knowledge and this is just a way to get more information into me. AND because it’s currently only offered with subtitles, me having to read it makes the knowledge sink in even deeper into my long term memory. :3


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