Harry Potter and the Crimes of JK

Crimes of Grindelwald, as a giant crazy potter head, was quite simply lack luster. Nothing annoys me more than when a whole movie is written as a two hour long trailer for the next film. That is what I got out of this film. I appreciate what this series is trying to do. It knows that me and my peers who loved the world of Hogwarts are adults and can handle mature themes. And it does grapple with them well. How much should we hide who we are? What are things that are appropriate to do for love? These questions were done well even if it was surface level. But most of the questions should have been dealt with better. Honestly it was mainly a C+ movie but we all already know we’re going to see the next one because it’s Harry Potter. Let’s be honest.

I will say it was also a beautiful film to watch. As always the special effects only have gotten better and it truly makes the viewer believe in magic.

But from here on we spoil so stop reading if you haven’t seen it yet. The last two seconds drop a bomb that spoils all the knowledge already set up. Dumbledore has another brother. And I want to forget that this is even a part of the film. It’s pointless but it also destroys cannon that exists. Nothing can annoy me more. There is nothing lazier as a writer to just change the world you created. Because the only reason you do that is you’re too lazy to fix an actual solution within created parameters. It’s upsetting. So if that is not resolved by the next film, Harry Potter will have a lot of upset fans they’ll need to remedy.


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