I just recently watched Hocus Pocus








I have always heard about the movie, how it is a “much watch” around the Halloween season but I never got around to watching it.

It was as I expected it to be:

A 90’s comedy film. Poor CGI and corny jokes

I’m not mad at it, though what I did do throughout almost the entire film was say “They put that in a Children’s film?!?”

I had TOTALLY forgotten that PG and G meant something different back then then it does now (in my opinion). I was just surprised when they showed the witches in actual nooses, taked about virginity, described ingrediants, and had that one witch who wanted to “play” with children, to name a few thing that made me think “Huh….”


#hocuspocus #wethegeek #wethegeekmabel #movie #moviereveiw


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