Pixverse Part 4: Robot-Human War

Part 4- The Robot Human War

We left of with robots rising in power and animals rising in intelligence. We briefly saw the rise of the supers but they quickly died out. Humanity had lost its greatest protectors.

Up plays a pivotal role in the beginning of the war. We see the takeover of BnL. BnL is the company that destroyed humanity and let robots rise. BnL is the company that takes over Carl’s house. Or tried to at least. They were the ones leading the urban expansion.

Inside Out and Coco let us see the use of magic and science working together. It also lets us see the last few years of “normal” life before the war.

We never actually see the war. But the aftermath is evident. Wall-E lets us see what happened. The robots won. It seems pretty easily too without the supers. All that’s left are a few humans controlled by an AI in space. Leaving earth totally abandoned…

Till next time when we find out what happened to earth



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