Wanna play a puzzle game?

Love puzzle games but can’t find any that is more than one player?

Have you entertained the idea of going to an Escape Room but don’t want to pay $30 per person?

Are your introvert friends clinging to the front door, saying that the Sunlight is burning them when you try to even take them to an Escape Room?

Then look no further than Unlock! the Escape Room like puzzle card game!

Released in 2017, Unlock! offers unique scenarios in which players have to puzzle their way out of within a 60 minute timeframe. The game includes an app that not only provides the countdown but also ambient sounds and clues if the player gets stuck. There are 9 all together, each scenario costing a mere $15!

Though the game isn’t repeatable once you play it, have your other friends play it and watch in glee as the joy on their faces drain when pitted against these puzzles and time limit.



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