Pixverse Part 3: Robot Rise

Part 3- Robot Rise

When we left off I had introduced you to two of the three factions that fight for dominance in the Pixverse, animals and man. I also showed you that animals are intelligent and magic exists.

Now you should meet the ones who destroyed humanity. And you can thank Syndrome for the end of mankind.

Syndrome was in many ways too smart for his own good. In the 1950-60s he created AI (artificial intelligence). You see the intelligence of his creations in the first Incredibles. The Omnidroid destroys part of the city and even learns that it can be controlled. The robot does it’s best to stop the humans from shutting it down.

The Omnidroid uses a special piece of technology. It’s the zero point energy most notably used by Syndrome to freeze the Incredibles in place. This energy seeps into everything over the next 60 years or so.

Supers eventually die out after Incredibles 2 but humanity remains. And so does much of Syndromes technology. Toy Story and Toy Story 2 introduce us to a company that becomes very important later, Buy n Large (BnL). This company was built off of the inventions of Syndrome. They continue to use the AI and zero point energy he created. In many ways they use it very recklessly because it has started to seep into inanimate objects, like toys.

This zero point energy feeds off of human emotions as seen by Syndromes anger and the humans around Woody and the gang.

By the early 2000s animals have continued to evolve. We see this in Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory. The same zero point energy that affects inanimate objects also changes animals. They have learned how to speak to one another and coexist in harmony.

This all leads us up to the first war. Which we will cover next week.



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