Bobs Burgers is Back!

The premiere of season 9 of Bob’s Burgers was last night, and because I’m a millennial, I watched it this morning through Hulu. I was alerted to the season 9 premiere through Josh Gad’s Instagram because he was one of the many guest stars. In this episode “Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now” Tina tries to prove she is not boy crazy by walking into a convention center of boys auditioning to for Boyz 4 Now to find her true love. It goes as well for Tina as you would think. The rest of the Belchers take care of a baby rat.

This was another great season premiere for Bob’s Burgers, but my favorite will always be “Work Hard or Die Trying Girl” from Season 5. This season opener had great songs and great guest stars. I really enjoyed all of Tina’s 80s classic movie themed daydreams and the final musical number. It had a great A story, but the B story could have been used later in the season. I, personally, would have loved to see Gene try out for the Boyz 4 Now as a B story.

Top quotes from this Episode:

1: – Bob – “I like the rat more than I like all of you.” 2 – Tina – “He left his shoe! Oh wait… That’s a pigeon.” 3 – Tina – “I’m not boy crazy. I’ve never felt more boy sane.”



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