The Wizarding World Returns

So we’re slightly late to the party but that final trailer for the next fantastic beasts movie was full on amazing. ⠀
We got some stuff confirmed to us (like the woman from the original photo being Nagini is official). In retrospect we should have pretty much all just assumed the fact that snakes in the Harry Potter cannon are solely associated with at least the slytherin house, if not are totally evil.
What was probably the best part of the trailer for me was the fact that Jude Law made my little Harry Potter heart pitter patter. It was so cool to see the traits and quotes of the wizard we looked up to in the series be portrayed in this film as well. He has really mastered the Dumbledore charm and mystery and it is clear that he did his homework. For no other reason than him and my lovely newt will I see this film.

I know for me at least it’s going to be one talked about for awhile.



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