Dark Phoenix just another bomb?

Dark Phoenix is here. ⠀

In a surprising turn of events Dark Phoenix is being released next year and we get the first trailer drop today. In all honesty I’m shocked the movie is still coming out. ⠀

Dark Phoenix is the next in a long line of mediocre X-men films. The first was released in 2000 simply titled X-Men. X2 was released in 2003, X-Men Last Stand in 2006, X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, X-Men First Class in 2011, X-Men Days of Futures Past in 2014 and X-Men Apocalypse in 2016. All of those being said I’m not listing the other two X-Men franchises Wolverine and Deadpool because they aren’t actually half bad.

But I digress, without getting stuck in the most messed up timeline in a movie franchise (even including Fast and Furious) this is the fourth part in a series following a bunch of superhuman teens who all go to the same school. It’s super complicated but you get the idea.

As I said before I’m surprised this is happening. It shocks me that Fox can still put this out. Fox has recently sold a lot of its movie rights to Disney. There is an article coming out tomorrow if you want to know more about the merger. But it seems this movie is coming out. Now we wait to see if this will be an amazing Marvel film or another X-Men joke.



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