The Disney Takeover

The Disney Takeover…⠀

I haven’t really talked about the Disney Fox merger. In all honesty I’ve kinda avoided it. I have extremely mixed feelings about the take over. Most of you probably don’t even care. It doesn’t really mess with your life so why worry? Well you should. ⠀

Let’s take a look to see what Disney just acquired from Fox. ⠀

1. Disney now has the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool

2. Disney gets distribution rights to Star Wars Episode IV

3. Disney now owns Planet if the Apes, Avatar (Blue people), I’ve Age, Home Alone, Doctor Doolittle, and Alvin and the Chipmunks

4. Disney now owns all Fox Sports networks. That includes everything from hockey to Nascar

5. Disney now owns Sky which is a large European media company

6. National Geographic. Yeah. That too.

That’s… that’s a lot of properties. It was more then just a movie deal. It was the rights to a huge chunk of entertainment world wide.

So why does this matter?

Disney has always been a giant. They own ABC and ESPN. Not to mention Pixar and all the parks they have around the world. In some ways this is great. The MCU can expand and I can go watch all my favorite heroes for the next twenty years. On the other hand this is a catastrophe because Disney is dancing the line between monopoly and normal business. Only time will tell the repercussions that will happen.




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