The Dragon Prince shines Bright

As I sat down to find something new to watch on Netflix while I was making my newest cosplay, I came across the new Netflix original series “The Dragon Prince.” Now, I know you may be thinking, “Isn’t that a children’s show?” In which case I would answer “Yes.” However, I didn’t leave my spot until I watched all nine episodes. It was that interesting to me. If your looking for a short series to kill time, use in the background, or something you want to watch but not have to think that much about, I would suggest “The Dragon Prince.” It’s cute, interesting, has a lot of action, and striking designs for 2D.
Now “The Dragon Prince” is a fantasy adventure series where humans and, elves and dragons are at war with each other. Long ago, the humans, with the help of dark magic, chased off the elves and dragons after stealing their king’s egg and murdering the king. Now, the elves and dragons are ready for revenge.

The series follows two young, human princes, Callum and Ezran, who don’t want to fight. On the other side, a young elf, Rayla, is just starting her career as an assassin but can’t bring herself to kill. Her and the two princes rally together after a mishap to find the king’s egg and return it to it’s mother.

The creators of this series were Aaron Ehasz, who was also the head writer and director of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and Justin Richmond. They decided to create “The Dragon Prince” using similar 2D styles as “Avatar” but focus on more of the scenery and detailed designs. They also reduced the frame rate to give a different feel but after the series was released, many viewers left feedback saying it was distracting or even giving them a slight headache. The feedback was taken well, and the creators interviewed saying that if there will be a season 2, they will change up the quality of the series according to the feedback.



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