Pixverse Part 2: The Human Problem

Part 2- The Human Problem⠀

The Pixverse, like many franchises, (looking at you Star Wars and Fast and Furious) was not filmed in order. The oldest Pixar movie is Toy Story which came out in 1995. The oldest movie on the Pixverse timeline is The Good Dinosaur. Based roughly 65 million years ago the Pixverse changes history drastically by having the meteor miss earth and the dinosaurs continue to live their normal lives. With life left unchecked, animals thrive and show large amounts of intelligence.

We also meet humans at this time. What can easily be called “the human problem”. Throughout the Pixverse there are three factions fighting for power. We have the animals, humans, and the machines (robots).

The Good Dinosaur sets up the existence of humans and animals. They both inhabit the planet and coexist for the most part in peace. Animals already show an aptitude for intelligence and humans not so much.

By the 10th or so century we see humans have become significantly more intelligent and animals have not. Brave introduces us to one important part of the Pixverse, Magic! We meet the most important character of the entire Pixverse, the Witch. She is the little old lady who lives in the woods and uses magic, a lot of magic. Both of which will be very important later.

Which is where we end off for this week. I leave you all wondering why magic and talking animals matter at all! Till next week that is!



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