True Love

Oh, the magic of True love and Love at First sight!
From a very young age, the power of true loved danced straight into the arms of my mind just like Aurora did into Prince Philip’s. However, very much like Aurora’s reaction to Prince Philip, my little mind was always confused by the concept of true love or love at first sight. I would always wonder about what came after the “happily ever after” in my stories.
It wasn’t until Middle School when I came across a short story that ended in “and they lived happily ever after more or less.” I don’t even remember the story but the concept of “more or less” has stayed with me for a long time.
The more I grow older, the more I begin to realize the importance of “more or less” on this society. Growing up, Disney and Princesses were what we wanted to be when we grew up: beautiful, lovely voices, and find our true love in a miraculous way. Unfortunately, this is further from the truth when it comes to reality as we soon discover as we grow into the bitter adults.
Now, don’t get me wrong, there is always room for a feel good story about true love, sometimes we need an escape from the harsh reality of the world. But, just like constantly eating sweets, it doesn’t do the mind well to be fed these stories all the time. You may not know it, but visual and audio are the best way to receive information and if you repeat it over and over again, the fantasy that is before you will turn into a unreachable goal that will only disappoint you in the future.
Give yourself a fictional reality check. And I don’t mean those popular stories that take previous fairy tales and remolds their “happily ever after” to a “BUT DID THEY?!” story, they interrupt the flow of the original story and usually aren’t that good. For every Cinderella (love at first sight) story, find yourself a Mrs. Pigglewiggle (old lady correcting bad behavior) story.
Rant Done.



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