Thanos did nothing wrong?

I was reading through the Thanosdidnothingwrong subreddit and realized something. Most of the MCU villains did nothing wrong. What if the MCU movies are from the wrong perspective? What if the “heroes” are actually the villains? Think about it…

Iron Monger (Ironman)- Technology should be shared
Loki(Avengers)- Humanity needs better leadership
Ultron(Age of Ultron)- Sees the internet and humanity is evil
Zemo(Civil War)- Those who commit crimes should pay
Vulture(Spider-Man)- Those in power need to share it
Kilmonger(Black Panther)- Those who commit crimes should pay
Thanos(Infinity War)- Life is killing the universe

I’m not saying the end justifies the means. I’m also not saying every villain is correct in what he or she did. The Red Skull was a nazi so that’s not okay. And neither is Ronin or Ego destroying entire planets. But maybe if the heroes had slowed down and talked about it, these fights would not have happened.



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