Disenchantment is Enchanting

Okay y’all. Disenchantment. Everyone stop what you’re doing right this second and go watch this show. I’m clearly not hiding my opinion until the end I’m saying this show is amazing.
Brief summary: the show follows Bean a princess who is horrible at being a princess. She drinks. She does drugs. Her best friend is a demon sent to ruin her life and an elf that they accidentally adopt. But the show is a surprisingly poignant story about what it’s like to be a female in your 20s and where the entire world has a say in what you do and you’re the only voice not being heard. So yes perfect for our female friends but also great for people who are interested in swashbuckling adventure.
Also the show is written by the same people who did futurama. A lot of the voice actors are the same like Billy West. As my boyfriend and I watched it we played the game of which voice actor is this person (a fun little game). It follows the same sort of concept where you’re being entertained and joked at until you really realize the show is making you look at deep social questions about mortality, morality and social constructs. You can just watch it for fun or you can get a great current events debate going.
All in all an amazingly well done show that tailors to everyone’s interests. Go watch


And P.S: you’re required to read every sign that is in the show. Legally required. By law.


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