Teen Titans Returns?

With the release of Teen Titans Go: The Movie a lot of mixed reviews have come out. I understand. On the one hand it has an amazing cast (Nick Cage, Tara Strong, Will Arnet, Kristen Bell and other’s). But it takes more then a good cast to make a movie (I’m looking at you Justice League). The movie isn’t half bad. It’s kinda what you would expect out of an ish cartoon series. Which makes it like a 5/10.

But the actual exciting part is the end credit scene. From what it looks like, Cartoon Network is bringing back Teen Titans. The show a lot of us grew up with. Not the new one. And to be honest I’m not surprised. The DCEU isn’t doing super well. The live action Titans show has made fans hesitant. But one thing DC has done well is cartoons. Look at Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman the Animated Series, Superman. And now Young Justice is coming back. To bring back Teen Titans seems like a great move. But it raises two questions for me. One) Is it really coming back? And two) When is Batman Beyond coming back? I guess we will just have to wait and see



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