MYST 25 Years Later

In 1991, two brothers in a small startup PC game company in Spokane, Washington were tasked with creating a unique and interesting game by their then parent company, Brøderbund. These two brothers spent hours, days, weeks, even months developing a world in which this game would take place. The game, as you can guess from the image above, is Cyan’s MYST. The game released in 1993 held the title for best selling Mac/PC game until Sims took the title from them in 2000. The creators were Robyn and Rand Miller.

Now, some may ask: “why are you telling us about a computer game from the 90’s? Wouldn’t that game be super outdated at this point?” As a matter of fact, yes. The game was released on almost every console and platform possible at the time, but at this point, you’d need an emulator, hard copy of the console version, or a Windows XP. There were some recreations of the game, such as MYST: Masterpiece (2000), and RealMYST (2004), but Masterpiece ran into the same issue as the original, and RealMyst was a different experience, as it was realized in 3D, and couldn’t run well on anything newer than Windows 7. Then, in 2014, RealMYST: Masterpiece was released; a full 3D modern version of RealMYST on modern computers. This was just the start.
On April 9th of 2018, a Kickstarter page was launched, named the MYST 25th Anniversary collection. It promised all 7 existing MYST titles as a bundle, all improved to work on modern computers. The time it took to reach it’s just under $250,000 goal, was 8 hours. As of May 24th, the kickstarter reached 1,100% of it’s goal, reaching just around $2.8 Million. The games will get a full re-release. As a huge fan of puzzle games, and this series in particular, I’m over the moon about finally getting to play all the titles straight through.
If anyone wants to check MYST out for themselves, the updates come out this month on Steam, and will be finalized on GOG as well. Look them up, and enjoy the game that (in my opinion) makes for the perfect introduction to how puzzle games done well look.


Cyan’s Website:


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