Teen Titans too dark?

Before I start I want to preface with this

All you DC comics fanboys that are easily triggered should ignore this post. Or you can not get your super tights in a twist and read this. Thanks.

When the live action trailer for a Teen Titans show dropped at SDCC a lot of concerns were raised. There are a ton of issues like costumes, casting choices, content, and not to mention Robin.

It’s that last one I want to talk about. The angry teenager that is Robin. I need to start by saying stop your complaining. I’m sorry this isn’t Robin from Batman the Animated Series. It doesn’t have to be. They can do a new spin on Dick Grayson and it not be a bad thing.

The issues most people have with him is that during the trailer he is quite violent and seems to hate Batman. Both of these things are okay. Training under Batman would be a nightmare. He hasn’t been particularly nice to any of the Robins. He usually abuses them emotionally and physically so they become just like him. Batman is less of a father and more of a drill sargent. Not to say Batman can’t be nice, but over all he is a real jerk to every Robin. If he did something terrible to Dick (and it happens all the time in the comics) I’m not surprised Robin has turned dark. He is rebelling as most teens do. By doing the exact opposite of what their parents tell them. For Batman it was not to kill. So that’s exactly what Robin does. Just to make Batman mad and get his attention. In all honesty it looks like this is just a teenage cry for help from an abused child who has ptsd from losing his parents. Quite sad once you think about it.

It’s that or this is all a dream sequence (I’m looking at you Batman vs Superman).

If I’m wrong I’ll apologize. The whole show could be garbage and Robin along with it. Till then I’ll try to be hopeful.



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