Rooster Teeth turns 15

This weekend marks one of the last conventions of the season (Pax, SDCC, etc) with RTX happening in Austin. If you don’t watch a lot of YouTube or you aren’t a huge geek like me you probably have no idea what RTX is. Good thing I can explain it.

RTX is a geek convention that showcases a lot of Rooster Teeth (and it’s affiliate) products and shows. It is one of the biggest geek conventions in the US. And it was started by Rooster Teeth.

Fifteen years ago Rooster Teeth began with a few guys, a few Xbox’s, and a dream to make content. Over the past fifteen years they have been living that dream. They started in a spare bedroom and now have over 70 full time employees.

Their original content was based around Halo and was famously called Red vs Blue (it’s on Netflix). They made little videos of Halo Spartans living “normal” life. It turned out to be a smash hit. RvB is still coming out with new episodes today.

But Rooster Teeth isn’t just Halo anymore. Today they make everything from anime (RWBY) to game shows (On the Spot) to video game commentary (Achievement Hunter) to so many other things. Each unique and impressive.

I have to respect and congratulate Rooster Teeth. They have done what so many people want to do. They turned their hobby into their careers. As one who strives to make content (be it YouTube or WetheGeek) I understand the struggle to create something. But these guys (and now girls) have done it. They make content that so many different people can enjoy.

So thank you Rooster Teeth for all the content you make. And congrats on 15 years!

I know it’s an older photo. Ray is still in it



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