A MEGa disappointment

I don’t even know where to begin about this movie (seriously, I’ve rewritten this intro 5 different ways). On one hand, I’m in shock that I even decided to buy a ticket to this movie and on the other, I’m not exactly upset that I did so.
A multimillion research facility hypothesized that an oceanic trench is deeper than predicted and send crew to find out. Hypothesis confirmed but sub is attacked by… Something… And is stuck. Research facility gets previously retired (and apparently crazy) rescue dude to rescue sub which he does so but accidentally allows the something into our part of the ocean: The Meg!!!
I actually thought that the first part of the movie was extremely interesting. Sure, there were a lot of science terms I didn’t understand but they way that they explained why such an ancient creature might survive all these years without coming into contact with humans was very intriguing and I wish that they did more like that throughout the movie.
My number one issue with this movie is that it moves at such an incredible pace that I don’t remember anyone’s name, not even the main character. I guess when you’re so focused on the MONSTER SHARK in the movie that it might knock out a few names but I seriously don’t remember any. It’s also a very straightforward plot: X happens so Y must happen and Z results (repeat x3) so it’s a great movie if you want to turn off everything in your mind and allow the monster jumpscares to wash over you but not one to get too technical about past the first 20 minute mark.
WARNING: There is Blood, jumpscares, death, and choice words!


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