Girlfriend Game Guide Episode 2- Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight

So this is (according to my 32 seconds of googling) apparently an older game where you play as Batman. Now, I think Batman is scary. I cried and couldn’t sleep well for like a week after seeing the Dark Knight. Basically every backstory in this universe makes me stop and say “dang that’s pretty effed up”. So let’s just say I was more than a tad surprised to know that there’s a world where this gets WORSE and EVEN darker. My little innocent heart can’t take it. Like the literal second cut scene is nightmare zombies taking over a restaurant. Most of the story is spent hunting for the Arkham Knight (which, spoiler) is just a disgruntled Robin and I guessed it like two minutes after his introduction. Pretty predictable  and repetitive missions get a little boring to watch. 

So as far as a story goes this ones depressing and awful and tragic. Not my cup of tea. Also it probably doesn’t help that ry isn’t super great at it and I have to watch the same pieces over and over again. 

Rating: Two out of Four Batarangs. 


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