The Bricks Return

LEGO movie 2: the second part.

Everything’s NOT awesome in the world of our LEGO friends. What makes me super happy is it picks up right where the last movie left off with the duplo characters coming in to take over. Once again the movie has impressive animation, a catchy song and a cute story line. Sure there may be no big huge twist in this film like there was in the first one but it’s also a good film with enough excitement and energy to keep you on your toes.

What this movie does shockingly well however is entertain the adults they know are being taken to this film. For example, Chris Pratt’s other character Rex is just a hodgepodge of all of his famous characters (including a joke of chiseled features that were hidden under baby fat). It’s a very self aware film and that’s always fun for me to see.

Don’t listen to the reviews that say it’s not a great movie. In my opinion adults get stuck in this idea that all children’s movies will be some Pixar level deep commentary on society. A kids film doesn’t have to have that to be good. Sometimes mindless songs that will certainly get stuck in your head and vomiting glitter is exactly the entertainment required. Don’t go to a kids film expecting depth. Go expecting fun, which is exactly what you will experience here


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