The Wick Returns

I just watched the John Wick: Chapter 3-Parabellum trailer.

To be completely honest off the bat, I am a complete sucker for these kinds of movies: the perfect assassin faced with uncountable enemies is just thrilling to watch (bonus points if the assassin is cold hearted or is callous to death) and by no means have any background in film reviews or predictions.

I love the John Wick series as a whole so here is my two cents from the trailor-

The trailer shows us that John’s Excommunicado that was announced in the second film taking in effect, putting 40 million on his head via the High Table’s creed. John runs to two different women: one called the Director (Anjelica Huston)

who John seemingly needed a rosery to gain an audience with and another assassin Sofia (Halle Berry) who seems to assist him. There are numerous cut aways to scenes of gun fights, a motorcycle chase, a (probably) final fight in room full of glass skulls and John walking up a sand dune.

We knew from the very first film that there would be all sorts of trouble after John went out for revenge and, thus far, the director has done a good job with answering the consequences of reentering the assassin world in the second film. This third film will probably tie John’s story up in a beautiful Windsor knot as we watch him try to flee the world he forced himself back into.

My one worry while watching the trailor is how Halle Berry’s Sofia is going to do next to Keanu Reeves’ John. Mr. Reeves has done serious training to become John Wick, just take a quick Google search to find videos of Mr. Reeves training with a gun to understand what I mean. That training and dedication translates beautifully over to the big screen that every single move, though done in a less lethal way, is believable to the audience. Ms. Berry does have a whole Instagram story dedicated to her training for this movie but, thus far, it doesn’t show me the power or finality that Mr. Reeves possess in his. This may be because most of hers are martial arts while his is shooting but I will never know until I watch it when it releases in May.

The word “Parabellum” also is an interesting word choice. Not only is it the name of a Germen pistol but also is a Latin phrase that loosely translates to “Prepare for War”. Take that where you will.

Do you have any predicitons?

Feel free to comment!


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