Over the Wall we go

I just watched “Over the Garden Wall”







I had actually known about this series for a long time, a girl friend of mine had sat me down to watch the first two episodes with her maybe a year back. We did plan to watch the rest together but Korean dramas soon took over and we forgot about it. It wasn’t until a recently when my sister threw a party just for the explicit reason of watching the series because, for her, this is her must watch Halloween “movie”.

The series itself is about two brothers, Wart (the worrying philosopher) and Greg (happy-go-lucky singer), who want to find their way back home. Along the way, they meet interesting creatures and people and thus insues a mini conflict and resolve for each episodes. It kind of reminds me of Gravity Falls, but with a grittier character design.

It is a series that makes you say “Wait… What…?” multiple times. Some jokes you see coming from a mile away while others Jack-in-the-box you in the face. There are random moments that happen during one episode the come back later in a different episode to make sense.

The part I really enjoyed was when my sister took the opportunity when we were done watching to look up a YouTube video on 15 facts about Over the Garden Wall. I had no idea that famous actors like Tom Curry and Elijah Wood voiced characters in it. It also was apparently in production since 2004, which is incredible dedication on such a short miniseries.

I will probably have to rewatch it again at some point, it’s one of those series that things make a bit more sense once you see the end.


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